ServiceNow has now taken the flight from Orlando to Paris for its new version release. If you are looking forward to upgrade from its earlier versions, ServiceNow has provided with upgrade kits along with Paris release to make it easy for you to scale up. The major highlights in the ServiceNow Paris release is that it allows you to setup Predictive intelligence workbench, process automation designer, and Playbooks for Customer Service Management. Let us now dive in to the major features of ServiceNow Paris release. 

Now Platform: Better Now 

Core functionality of Now platform Paris release has included playbook experience to visualize process workflows to streamline knowledge-based decision-making. With OpenID connect, users will be able to login with standard social accounts to make it easier for them to access with few clicks. Now Intelligence allows users to setup Predictive Intelligence workbenches who are not aware about the ML and can monitor the KPIs through it.  

Now Mobile: Better security

The Now mobile comes with an improved application security and complies with most of the national and international standards. The actionable notifications and embedded dynamic bar in mobile dashboard enhance the mobile user experience. 

ITSM: Enhances Productivity and reduces cost

The workbenches allow you to deploy machine learning models to channelize adoption of ML and solve issues faster. In change management, automatic approval of change based on the team’s success rate through analytics is introduced. This makes the scheduling easier and avoids conflict of interest. Another major improvement in ITSM is integrating IT workflow with Amazon connect, that allows enterprises to transform the contact center experience for employees using AI-driven user interactions. 

ServiceNow Paris release

ITBM: Seamless business integrations  

ServiceNow Paris release allows you to simulate multiple investment scenarios by comparing scenarios with respect to cost, benefit, strategic alignment, and team capacity. Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) and Atlassian Jira Connectors stays integrated and enable teams to align their work with the business objectives through bi-directional synchronization between ServiceNow and either Jira or Microsoft Azure DevOps. Self-Service Business Application Workflows enable many enterprise architects and application owners to on-board new business applications in the CMDB.  

CMDB: ways to become healthier

Multisource CMDB allowed a healthier CMDB and detailed view of configuration items. It allows better view of the dashboard that improves productivity with a guided setup wizard for application services initiation.  

IT Asset Management: Optimize Software spends

The new features in Paris release allow you to check upon Cloud Spend Dashboard and fetch data on aggregate software asset management. This gives a single pane view of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and on-premises software. Further, users will be able to utilize SAM discovery tools for new software. 

HR service delivery: Faster ways to work

In HRSM, ServiceNow has again proved that it is an Industry leader by implementing faster working models and improving agent productivity. The agent workspace has single window for all the activities such as tracking cases, SLAs and assisting agents that makes it agile and easy to use. Now intelligence for HR service delivery will include performance analytics in Paris release that allows employee personalization and virtual agents with NLU. 

Customer Service Management: Automation and empowerment

Playbooks for CSM defines data, tasks and steps to automate process. This playbook also empowers agents to monitor progress of downstream teams. The new CSM feature allows guided decisions for agents to resolve complex cases and create framework for further actions.  

Upgrade kit: Sit back and relax

Now that you know what ServiceNow Paris release is about, you might be thinking to upgrade from previous versions. For easy upgrade, ServiceNow provides an upgrade kit to perform the activities in ServiceNow Automated Test framework and execute a hassle-free upgrade to Paris.  

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