Empathy for a helpdesk ticket?

No one knows the lifecycle of a ticket better than the helpdesk team but in many scenarios, tickets go through a lot of processing. To understand the ticket resolution and ticket velocity better, let us try to humanize tickets and add emotions to it. Now in your daily helpdesk chores, a ticket is usually created after an application fails and there starts a ticket’s journey, which is exhaustive.

Ticket’s lifecycle- Eternal or temporary?

In a traditional application management system, once an application fails, a ticket is created through a ticket management system when an alert is sent to the helpdesk team. Here, a ticket is not aware of the difficulties it is about to face. However, ticket is happy that it has been created and waits to get resolved. When a member of the helpdesk team gets a ticket assigned, the ticket is happy to know that now it has a father to adopt it. Nevertheless, if the father does not attend that ticket on time, it would be worried and feels less important.

Further, with no action being taken on the ticket by the helpdesk team, it is afraid of being recreated and to go into a time warp loop. In this way, a ticket would not achieve cyber enlightenment and like humans go through a cycle of life and death and the ticket’s SLA would be eternal. For a ticket, cyber enlightenment is when the ticket is resolved within the SLA and achieves the desired goal it had been created for.

AI driven Application Management

What AI can do?

With Mr. AI, the above scenario changes drastically for good. Once the ticket is created through a ticket management system, the AI gets into work to collect all the information related to the ticket. Information such as, priority of the ticket, business impact of the ticket, whether the ticket is assigned to the exact team, the SLA for resolution of the ticket, etc. The AI algorithm makes sure that the ticket is not recreated for the same issue to eliminated redundancy.

From the ticket’s point of view, it has never felt more important. It would thank Mr.AI forever for making its life better. Here, AI is primarily automation and analytics driven. AI identifies the high velocity tickets and assigns to the respective team for faster resolution. This helps in reduction of resolution time and reducing the number of high velocity tickets leading to higher cost savings.

Ticket Maturity

Now that we know the lifecycle of a ticket with and without AI, it would be important for business owners to understand the ticket maturity model to make informed business decisions. We will understand ticket maturity model with maturity pyramid, where there are 4 tiers of business owners and their approach toward application management.

  1. Ignorant: The lower most tier in the ticket maturity model. These business owners are called ignorant because they follow no process, are highly redundant, data oblivious and believe in creating more applications.
  2. Proud but mediocre: Next set of leaders in the maturity model are proud about the fact that they have a ticket management system but they don’t go forward with that system. It fetches them no or little results.
  3. Truth seekers: Next tier of business owners are called truth seekers as they have an efficient ticket management system that are rules driven but their ROI from it is very less as they do not use it to leverage all its benefits.
  4. Wise leaders: This is the topmost tier in maturity model where the business leaders make decisions based on analytics and they have a data driven application management in place.

This maturity model helps you understand where your enterprise stands and what improvements are to be made to your existing application management system.

Aspire systems in the past has helped customers to have a seamless application support and that is now further strengthened by the launch of AI driven Application Management Services.


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