Having heard enough of POS, let us demystify it to have a better understanding of how can it help us in the seamless growth of businesses. A good POS system is believed to be the best asset an organization can ever have due to the ease of getting the work done in a lesser time and with minimal efforts. Irrespective of the size of the business, products, services, customer base, and location, POS manages to help businesses make good decisions and provide the support they require. POS omni-channel integration solution benefits various industries and business such as restaurants, e-commerce sites, hospitality applications, drug stores, clothing stores, etc. One of the things that all these businesses have in common is account management. Gone are the days when a cashier had to handle cash transactions, check everyday cash accounts, maintain daily, weekly, and monthly transaction reports, etc. So the retailers and organizations need something more than cashiers and accountants to perform those tasks.

How exactly can POS help businesses?

POS solutions hold tremendous benefits for apparel or, automotive shops, restaurants, grocery stores, e-commerce sites, single store or multi-store operations, and more. No matter how small or big an organization is, account management remains a feat when it is maintained manually. To overcome this, one can integrate POS with accounting systems to create comprehensive financial reports that help in acquiring sales and inventory information. Implementing POS system reduces the chances of errors by impeding human interventions like manual accounting, inventory updating, etc. Dealing with huge amount of data is highly challenging when it is done manually whereas with POS system any amount of data can be easily maintained.

Modern POS systems help in gathering information from multiple sources that include online sales and compiling it to create one repository. This means one gets the convenience of producing error-free tax reports. One particular beneficial area that POS software provides is managing your employees with great accuracy, especially if you employ several of them. The system can monitor their log in and log out time which makes tracking employees work hours instantaneous.

NetSuite, the Nouveau Solution

NetSuite can be defined as an online service that helps organizations to a great extent to handle the main key business processes in a single system. In other words, NetSuite is a unified business management suite that works in cloud environment. The portfolio of NetSuite consists of products for ERP, CRM, Financial Management, ecommerce, and omni-channel commerce. In brief, NetSuite is used to manage inventory, keep a track of the financials, organize e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management.

An Oracle survey claims that there are more than 40,000 organizations deploying NetSuite that makes it ten times larger than its nearest competitor. Irrespective of the domain or industry, NetSuite works best for a broader range of businesses helping them to stand ahead. NetSuite is built from the ground up exclusively for cloud-based business which makes it the best approach to solve issues without much efforts and cost.

Sweet are the uses of Netsuite

Though there are a great deal of online services in the market, what makes NetSuite the most efficient and reliable software is its ability to cope with the wavering technology updates and support rapid growth and financial stability of any size business. Some of the features that make NetSuite unique and efficient software are the following:

Intrinsic Flexibility – According to the business changes, the business system can be changed with the help of NetSuite. Responsive web design enables building device-optimized software that makes it compatible for various devices such as android phones, iPhones, tablets, desktops, ad laptops.

Cloud for All – NetSuite liberates organizations that are attached to PC-based and on premise based systems by making Cloud-based environment available for all kinds of business. All it needs is a browser and an internet connection that manages all the applications, operating systems, servers, and networks using a cloud computing vendor.

Personalized Experience – Using NetSuite helps to get a 360˚ view of each and every customer from all the channels and provides a relevant and engaging shopping experience. It also extends its service by delivering personalized and constant service thereby building customer loyalty.

Together they make one the Master of Seamless Business

POS is considered to be one of the most successful approaches towards business that are mostly brick-and-mortar in nature and in desperate need of a solution to build their e-commerce platform. Similarly, NetSuite is another unified business management suite that meets the needs of every instore retail business in a multi-channel environment. The combination of these two magnificent systems provides great insights to organizations to get a holistic view of the customers and real-time inventory visibility. They support cross-channel processes such as buy or return online and buy or return in a store or vice versa from anytime, anywhere. This notable combo, when leveraged, results in bridging the gap across channels and platforms and fulfils today’s rising customer expectations.

Download Netsuite and Magento Integration Using Boomi Case Study

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