Customer attention and loyalty are the most important challenges ahead for online retailers. Slashed prices and decent products descriptions aren’t good enough anymore. You need to distinguish, acquire new customers and make them your brand ambassadors.

An essential strategy to achieve this is, offering Personalized Customer Shopping Journey.  In this short post, I will bullet point key Magento 2 features supporting such personalization.

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1.Customer segmentation

Based on your online visitors’ behavior, Magento 2 allows to group customers. For example, segmentation can be done for customers who bought specific type/category of product. Further on, you can have a dedicated promotion or even content for selected group of customers. We identify this as a very valuable approach, towards your customer journey personalization.

2.Seamless Navigation

Large amount of products, categories and sales occasions must be supported with good navigation. Ineffective navigations leave customers frustrated.  What’s the value of the offering, if difficult to be found? Magento 2 comes with extended built in options for menu formats and visibility during shopping journey. The platform also offers efficient filtering functions which optimize your products taxonomy and help customer identify the right product in no time.

3.Up-sell and cross-sell offering

Made available in multiple touchpoints of user journey (from homepage, product page to shopping basket). This native feature for Magento 2 Commerce (not open source) is a valuable solution for shopping basket value increase and customer’s satisfaction of well recommended add-ons (cross-sell).

4.Mobile support and PWA

It’s a fact that mobile visitors constitute majority of e-commerce traffic. Magento 2 facilitates these audiences with a very smooth mobile ‘right here right now’ experience, thanks to Full-RWD support. It is not only research being done via mobile, it is the conversion.

5.Omnichannel enablement

Start browsing on your mobile, add to shopping basket on your sofa via iPad, pay from your desktop and pickup in person the next morning. Sounds complicated, but this can be all done in a single session with a seamless experience.

These are only high-level indicators of Magento 2 powerful customer enablement features.

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