M2 is finally here and the reasons for upgrading are numerous and worthy!  Magento 2 has brought in major improvements on a technological level in terms of performance and modularity. It offers several new features, opportunities, and enhancements which provide amazing customer experiences. Thus, leading your store to increase business opportunities and sales.

The launch of this new system is the first step to multi-channel and cross-border sales and the answer to the most pressing problem sales through an appropriate, scalable platform. Magento 2 implements the set goals and challenges.

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The following are the Magento 2.0 features list that will develop your business


Managing an online store without proper analytics is a waste of money. Your business needs data-driven marketing. We advise you to go a step further than the standard reporting in Magento 2, use additional plugins. The tool will allow you to get an in-depth analysis of your business and what marketing strategy you should embrace.

We believe that it is very important to:

  • Analyze at least general sales reports, sales by product, sales by category in any time range.
  • Based on the sales by product report, identify the best-selling products, analyze the sales of individual products, and compare them according to specific performance indicators. Profit KPI is calculated for each product in the Magento store separately.
  • Based on the sales report by Category, sort products by category, manufacturer, size, color, and many other attributes. Thanks to this, you can determine exactly which factor translates into more sales and what type of products to promote more.
  • Segment data by order status, order date, etc.

Dedicated, valuable content

A well-developed blog will allow you to be in constant contact with customers and inform them about current promotions, new products that you introduce, and inform them about upcoming trends in the industry.

We advise to run a blog so:

  • Your customers can easily find blog entries thanks to the search engine option.
  • You can combine related entries and products.
  • You get an additional XML sitemap and RSS Feed for SEO.

Solid Security

The issue of security is always very important for every owner of a Magento store. After all, the process a lot of personal data that can be stolen by hackers. To remedy this, we recommend dedicated solutions that effectively protect the IP address of your online store. We recommend solutions that:

  • Automatically sends warning emails about potential hacking attempts.
  • Includes warning email templates.
  • Can detect logins from the IP blacklist.
  • Enables backend security control.

Stimulating shopping

Building trust among customers is not easy. They buy only from those whom they like, know and trust. Based on the strength of social proof, notifications of recent sales in your Magento store can create a feeling that the store is in full swing. This strengthens the strength of your brand.

This strategy is widely used in e-commerce and brings great results. We think that it is worth showing recent purchases in your store in the form of small pop-ups.

Centralization of all activities

With many orders, effective management of assortment, sales, and purchases in one place are key. This helps to improve the efficiency of the Magento store, reduce costs and maximize profits.

It is important to relatively easily and effectively manage product and category relocation and have complete supply control.

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In addition, have a look at the Companies Riding High on Magento 2

Coca cola

Personalized bottles, gift boxes or other items for special occasions.


Car accessories.


All the online stores utilizing Magento 1 platform would benefit from the  Magento 2 new features, functionality, performance improvements when they upgrade from their previous version to Magento 2 Community or Enterprise edition.The new platform is mature and has key technological benefits that result in less implementation time, better performance, enhanced productivity, and  easier administration.

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