In The Minds Of Potential Buyers, A Slow Site Is A Non-Trusted Site!

We all expect online stores to be fast. As the world becomes more and more mobile, and consumers expect services to be available on-demand and delivered smoothly, insufficient store speed is a huge threat to all business operations.

Waiting for content to appear, having no interaction with the website, and even noticing delays cause very bad impressions. Slow websites lose orders to fast websites. Poor site performance reflects poorly on your company. Unsatisfied customers go looking for the same products or services somewhere else.  Hence, to run a successful e-commerce business site performance and speed must be a top priority.

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Powerful statistics representing customers’ expectations and the adversities of poor site performance & speed

  • 47% of people expect the site to load in less than 2 seconds (
  • 20% of users abandon the cart if the transaction process is too slow (
  • Amazon noticed that every 100 mins of delay cost them 1% of sales

Google also understands that website loading time is a key part of the overall user experience.

Is Magento 2 a good framework to take the performance challenge, maximize the SEO and customer loyalty?  Yes! Magento 2.X is one of the best e-commerce framework options on the market for these tasks.


 Magento 2 performance has improved by working 20% faster (compared to Magento 1), which has an impact on the number of orders processed and drives higher positions in the search engine. The basket for an unregistered user is faster by about 51%, and for a registered user by about 36%.

 Magento 2.x is equipped with many useful SEO functions, such as optimization of page titles, Meta tags, URLs, image alt, headers, but also more advanced power management options for:

  • Product URL Suffix and Category URL Suffix
  • Categories Path for Product URLs
  • Permanent Redirects for URLs if URL Key Changed
  • Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories
  • Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products
  • Default Robots
  • XML Sitemap advanced

 The introduction of rich Snippets in Magento 2.0 is considered as the most outstanding feature added. This function allows online merchants to present the defined mark-up data from their product pages along with Google results; consequently, boosts their CTA and SEO work.

 The integration of template is expected to uplift Magento 2 Search engine optimization work. Its function is building up a wide range of vocabulary to complete product page content and metadata. Consequently, it will greatly contribute to pushing webpage rankings in the SERPs.

 Thanks to the introduction of Google Tag Manager in Magento 2, online merchants can now generate, modify, and update their tags whenever they want to depend on their requirements. In other words, shop admins can easily customize their demands for their tags

 Magento 2.x provides a package of built-in tests that allow you to automatically control the quality of your application. They are a valuable complement to the End-to-End testing process. For a brief introduction, the following types of automated tests are included:

  • Static
  • Magento 2 unit testing
  • Unit JavaScript
  • Magento 2 integration tests
  • Functional Magento Web API
  • Magento 2 functional testing

The above tests apply to the core part of Magento. It’s worth getting to know them and consider using some of them in your project, as they deliver many benefits.


To sum up, there are several important improvements in SEO Magento 2 and in terms of site performance as well. The technical and functional architecture in Magento 2 has been designed with a great emphasis on the best performance, quality, and scalability. As the leading global platform for both B2B and B2C commerce, it empowers retailers with robust capabilities to seamlessly engage customers across all its channels and deliver unified commerce. In a nutshell, Magento 2 with the latest features and functionalities is an online shop powerhouse. Hence ecommerce players should seriously consider opting for Magento 2 to achieve a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the retail industry.

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