Oracle Retail Xstore POS V18: The action packed Software as a Service (SaaS) offering

‘Value-driven’ retail is the new buzzword. Mere entertaining experiences are no more enough for the shoppers of today. They are savvier and always on the lookout for the best retail experience. Hence, retailers today should focus more on a customer-centric model. It is the need of the hour for retailers to have a single view of customers, orders, and inventory at the same time. It helps them build strong customer relationships, implement innovative projects, and drive strategic decisions to maximize growth and revenue.

Oracle Retail solutions has unveiled a horde of opportunities for retailers so that they can offer an enhanced consumer experience. With the inception of Oracle Retail Xstore Point of-Service, the traditional point-of-sale solution has fallen flat. The new solution empowers retail staffs to provide seamless services and build robust customer loyalty.

Let us now quickly understand why you should upgrade to Oracle Retail Xstore V18. Here are some of the reasons.

Oracle Retail Xstore POS V18 is an action packed SaaS offering that will transport retail customer engagement to a different level. The specialty of Oracle Xstore POS V18 is that it enables retail staff carry out day-to-day transactions and daily store activities seamlessly. Tasks like scanning of items, applying of price adjustments, tendering and printing receipts, processing of returns and web orders are some of the key functionalities of Oracle Xstore POS V18. Besides, V18 of Oracle Xstore also performs some store operations like opening stores, managing of registers and tills, and closing of stores.

Oracle Retail Xstore POS V18 endows retailers in a way they are able to offer highly personalized shopping experience to customers. One of the primary reason is V18 comes with a couple of enhancements when compared to its earlier versions.

Some of the enhanced functionalities of Oracle Retail Xstore V18 are the following:

Self-Checkout Mode

Unlike the manned Xstore POS, the new version of Oracle Retail Xstore has a self-checkout (SCO) mode. This will enable customers to scan their own items and pay for the sale. The specialty of this model is that it uses the same hardware as the Xstore manned register mode but the entire process is lot more cost-effective when compared to the earlier mode.

Configuration Accelerators

The specialty of Oracle Retail Xstore V18 is that it comes embedded with Configuration Accelerators; compatible both on Desktop and Mobile devices. The result is it enables customization of country specific packs like language packs, environment settings, legal requirements, fiscal requirements, and some other commonly used features during the ORXPOS register installation. For instance, European countries like Austria can meet their legal requirements of Cash Register Security Regulation with the help of Configuration Accelerators. Similarly, countries like Brazil can cater to their legal requirements with this enhanced feature without going through the entire process of code change. The feature is important for Brazil because they have a complex taxation rule and their sales should be fiscally recorded and approved by the Government.

Airside Enhancements

There have been Airside enhancements that include skipping of flight information. When this option becomes active, it is possible to skip the flight information for the airside sale. Similarly, when the option, Returns with Original Boarding Pass becomes active, return of Airside sale items happen only by providing the boarding pass of the original transaction.

Item Selection

Enabling the Item Selection User Interface, retailers can use button grid to select configurable menu options and items.

Required Scanning of Items

With enablement of this particular configuration Xstore POS makes sure that users scan items before adding them to the transaction during functions like item look up, wish list, digital cart list, store pick up of ordered items, or picking and reserving an item for an order.

In addition, Xstore V18 has also come up with configurations like, Item lookup shows on hand quantity through which the on hand quantity comes up in the Item Lookup Search Results screen. In addition, when Display Item Messages configuration becomes active, there is display of multiple messages during the checkout process. Moreover, the Oracle Retail Xstore POS newest version V18 has come up with new refund methods.

It is important to mention here that along with the general enhancements Oracle Retail Xstore V18, there have been enhancements in Oracle Xstore Mobile POS functionality. The result is all Oracle Retail Xstore Point of service desktop reports are also present on the Xstore Mobile Tablet.

Oracle Retail Xstore V18 will bring in a world of opportunities to the retail sector. It will not only empower retail staff but will also bring about an improved shopping experience for consumers across sections.