Does Xstore Support E- Commerce pickup orders as out of box integration? And Does Xstore migrate data from ORPOS 13.X?

Xstore POS supports out of the box integration with Oracle E-Commerce products. However, it also has the ability to integrate with heterogeneous E-Commerce systems.

Xstore does not have a feature to migrate data from ORPOS to XOffice. However, Aspire has a prebuilt solution to migrate the transactional data to support customers return policy.

How website integration with POS happens for pick from store and delivery?

Oracle has two different products for E-commerce such as ATG, Oracle Cloud Commerce and Oracle Commerce Platform. XStore POS has the APIs to integrate with Oracle E-Commerce solution out of the box. However, if the customer has a different E-Commerce system, it can also be integrated using these APIs or a custom integration solution.

Any order created on E-commerce shall be interfaced to the POS system via Order broker (Oracle Product) and the inbuilt integration provided by Oracle. This gives the customers the flexibility to view/create orders online and pick up from store or order online and get the items delivered to preferred address.

Is X-integrator a tool by Oracle as integration bus?

X-Integrator is an Aspire solution for faster implementation of Xstore POS. It is built considering the ARTS standards to help migration of any POS to Xstore POS. If the customer has Oracle POS, the X-Integrator can help us migrate within a record time of 3 months.

Out of box, which CRM solution is available?

Oracles Customer Engagement is the solution for CRM and is integrated with Xstore out of the box.

Oracle Retail Xstore

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Is Siebel integration available out of box in Xstore?

No. Siebel integration is not available out of the box for Xstore, but it can be integrated with Aspires’ AURAS integration tool which handles all aspects of integration.

Does Xstore older version support Oracle retail products?

Out of the box integration is only available in the latest version of Xstore, but AURAS can be used to integrate any set of systems.

How Xstore is different from 360 POS?

Xstore is having some outstanding differentiators such as:

  • #1 rated POS in the North American region
  • Huge application architecture difference. There is no client server model, but has all registers with one acting as a lead register. Fusion of POS and Back Office application helps in reducing the infrastructure
  • Flexible in completing multiple transactions in one to save customer and cashiers time
  • Out of the box integration with E-Commerce & CRM
  • User-friendly with different and unique UI features
  • Improved reporting

Does Xstore support touch screens?

Yes, Xstore provides a touch-centric user interface with taps and gestures. It also provides an option of an on-screen keyboard for touch screen based registers.

How does Xstore integrate with 3rd Party Payment Service Providers?

Xstore is integrated with Oracle retail EFTLink. EFTLink was developed to simplify the integration between Oracle Retail Point-of-Sale systems and 3rd Party Payment Service Providers. It enables retailers to support any number of Payment Service Providers across their global retail estate. EFTLink is installed in 30,000 POS globally, deployed in 18 countries around the world and currently integrated with over 50 Payment Service Providers and still growing (such as VeriFone POINT and AJB FiPay.).

What are the languages supported by Xstore?

Xstore supports 11 languages out-of-box through the following language packs: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Swedish.

Xstore allows multiple language packs to be installed on individual registers, to support those regions where more than one language is commonly spoken. Since, Xstore supports multiple languages through a translation mechanism; it is easy for System Integrators to configure additional languages.

What localization support is provided by Xstore?

Localization packs have been created for 8 countries:  US, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, France and Spain.

Localization packs will enable and configure the default country specific settings and functionality for a store’s country, during installation. This greatly simplifies the installation and configuration process required at each store within different countries.

Localization packs include localized fiscal and tax support, local currency, date/time formats, address formats, etc. Additional language packs can easily be created by system integrators.

What are the security features of Xstore?

Xstore is following the industry’s best practice guidelines such as:

  • Adhering to PA-DSS 3.0 which enables retailers to comply with PCI-DSS 3.1
  • Network communications use TLS 1.2
  • Stronger password protection
  • Xstore Office broadcasters can be configured to omit sections of data

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