In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, e-commerce has emerged as a powerhouse, reshaping the retail industry. Retailers must go above and beyond to stand out amid fierce competition and achieve remarkable success.

Here’s where Oracle XStore can be the guide for retailers. Whether planning effective strategies, optimizing the online store’s performance, managing inventory like a pro, executing winning marketing campaigns, or fine-tuning customer experience, Xstore can do it.   

Oracle Retail’s work in developing a future-ready POS solution for retailers was recently recognized. It was named Leader in the 2023 IDC Worldwide MarketScape Point-of-Sale Software for Large Apparel and Softlines. 

Oracle Xstore version 22 notches up the retail game with its power to offer a secure, user-friendly, and efficient solution for retailers looking to improve their operations. The upgraded XOCS framework ensures security and scalability, while the redesigned Self-Checkout User Interface ensures a quick and seamless shopping experience. The newest feature, Oracle Retail Promotion Engine (ORPE), uses headless tech to easily manage promotions across multiple channels. Additionally, microservices provide increased flexibility, scalability, and resilience while minimizing downtime. 

Know the Difference the Upgrade Makes 

In the fast-evolving tech-scape, new features come in all the time. Xstore version 21 introduced game-changing features that were particularly helpful for remote setups. These included Pay By Link, which allowed customers to tender payments without being present, and Local Inventory Orders that empowered store associates to purchase and pick up products later. These advancements streamlined processes and enhanced flexibility, but with customers’ evolving needs, the new Xstore version 22 goes a step further. 

The Oracle Retail Xstore Suite is a deployment chameleon, transforming to fit any store’s needs. It brings cloud magic with Xstore Office Cloud Service (XOCS), a SaaS offering that elevates your retail operations. XOCS is like the crown jewel of the Xstore Suite, a web-based wonder called Xadmin for retail operations management, and the messaging maestro Xcenter. Oracle Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service also frees data and configuration management. With a sleek interface and granular security, you’ll customize like a pro. IT leaders can relax, too, with support tools and alerts that keep them one step ahead. 

Charting a Plan 

No matter how complex the system or upgrade is, it needs careful planning for seamless integration. The scope of customizations, system size, and available resources impact the time and cost of an upgrade. Xstore version 22 has several significant upgrades, especially with its cloud-native XOCS feature. Here are a few steps to follow before the upgrade begins: 

  • Engage Stakeholders: Involve internal and external stakeholders such as end users, trainers, content developers, administrators, support teams, and suppliers. Understand their interactions with the system, assess the impact of the upgrade, and determine necessary engagement levels. 
  • Perform Site Review: Take stock of customizations, including specifications and documentation. Assess each for upgrade or reimplementation, considering integration with other systems and applicability to current needs. 
  • Establish Upgrade Requirements: Determine if customizations, integrations, or plugins need redevelopment or upgrading. Consider historical data, technical specifications, and theme/design compatibility with the upgraded version. 
  • Create an Upgrade Plan: Define who will perform the upgrade, what needs upgrading or redevelopment, and allocate necessary resources, time, and budget. Seek guidance from the software supplier, if available. 
  • Develop a Rollout Plan: Determine the timing of the upgrade, potential outage duration, stakeholder communication, and implementation process, and establish a rollback plan if needed. 
Oracle Xstore
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Critical Data Support 

Imagine a customer wanting to return a product while a software upgrade is ongoing at your store. Without data backup, this would not have been possible. A backup of historical transactions is an easy solution and an important step that must be completed.   

Further, if there are any issues or unforeseen errors, a recent backup allows you to restore the system to its previous state without losing critical data. 

Valuable data, such as customer records, transaction history, or inventory data, is protected and can be quickly restored after the upgrade. The laws of the land also mandate data to be preserved for a period. 

To perform a data backup during a software upgrade, you typically follow these steps:  

  • Select a backup method: Choose an appropriate backup method and location based on your system and data requirements. Standard backup methods include full backups (backing up all data), incremental backups (backing up only changes since the last backup), or differential backups (backing up changes since the last full backup). 
  • Schedule backups: Establish a regular backup schedule to ensure data is backed up appropriately. This could be daily, weekly, or as per your specific needs. 
  • Perform and verify the backup: Execute the backup process, following the chosen backup method and storing the backup files in the designated location. Perform a test restore or check the backup logs for errors or warnings. 

Testing to Make it Fool-Proof  

Thorough testing can help retailers minimize the risk of system failures, downtime, and disruptions to daily operations. It helps maintain the overall stability, performance, and functionality of the Xstore system, providing a seamless and reliable experience for both customers and employees. It ensures that the upgrade doesn’t introduce new problems and guarantees a smooth transition to the enhanced system, maximizing the benefits and minimizing potential risks.  

  • Upgrade and Validate: After completing the technical aspects and resolving any issues, it’s time to upgrade a copy of the live site to a staging or testing environment. Ensure email processes are switched off to avoid messaging users during testing and limit access to authorized users only.  
  • Thorough Testing: Conduct comprehensive testing, including functional, non-functional, technical, quality assurance, data integrity, security, performance, and theme/design testing across different browsers and devices. Allow time for user acceptance testing to ensure the upgraded system meets business requirements.  
  • Configuration and Fine-tuning: With the upgraded staging site deployed, tested, and issues addressed, administrators can focus on configuring new features and functionality. This involves adjusting settings, enabling or disabling specific features, and optimizing the system to meet user requirements. 

Final Countdown 

The Xstore version 22 is an exciting journey that brings retailers a wave of innovation and enhanced capabilities. It opens doors to new features and advanced technologies, empowering retailers to stay ahead in the ever-changing retail landscape. So the final phases of going live are crucial. Here are the steps:  

  • Training to adapt: Proper training is crucial during an upgrade. Schedule training sessions well in advance of the live rollout. The training duration and content will depend on the changes and new features in the upgraded software. 
  • Infrastructure Readiness: Gear up for the upgrade impact! If significant changes are introduced or a system re-release is planned, assess your hosting setup to handle increased access and usage, even temporarily. 
  • Go Live Strategy: Decide on the go-live approach, whether a complete switchover or running the old and upgraded systems in parallel for a period. Refer to your rollout plan to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. 
  • Upgrade Evaluation: Reflect and improve! Conduct a thorough review of the upgrade project to assess what went well and identify areas for enhancement. 

Why Aspire is a Good Choice 

As your software upgrade partner, Aspire Systems will be a reliable ally by your side throughout this upgrade journey. Leveraging Aspire’s vast expertise and decades-long experience in implementing and integrating software solutions, Aspire assists organizations in achieving successful upgrades.   

Built on the foundation of agile methodology, Aspire ensures continuous delivery so that the entire process is complete in 16 to 20 weeks, depending on project size and enhancements requirements. Here are some of the critical processes that Aspire follows to help you every step of the way:  

  • Discovery and Planning: Aspire works closely with the organization to assess the current system, identify upgrade requirements, and craft a comprehensive upgrade plan. The experts meticulously analyze the existing infrastructure, identify potential risks, and develop a roadmap for a smooth upgrade.  
  • System Configuration and Enhancements: Understanding the organization’s specific needs, Aspire ensures that system configurations align seamlessly with the retailer’s unique business processes. 
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing is conducted to uncover bugs or issues in the upgraded software. Functional and integration testing ensures smooth work integration, while continuous quality assurance processes guarantee a stable software environment that can be checked by business users at every stage.  
  • Training and Support: Aspire provides comprehensive training to familiarize users with the upgraded software, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal user adoption. We also offer ongoing support and assistance to address any post-upgrade issues or queries that may arise after the upgrade goes live.  
  • Consulting Services: Throughout the upgrade journey, Aspire reviews existing processes (e.g., customer journey), assesses performance, identifies gaps, and resolves them by tweaking, redesigning, or introducing new processes as needed  

Take the Plunge 

Xstore version 22 is the answer to NextGen retail competition. With the support of our expert team, your journey to retail excellence is just a few clicks away. Don’t let outdated software weigh you down – it’s time to level up. Get ready to dazzle customers with enhanced functionality, improved performance, and a touch of retail magic. 

Our team will be by your side throughout the upgrade, ensuring a smooth transition and providing top-notch support. So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap, embrace the future, let your retail dreams soar with our Xstore version upgrade, and watch your business thrive! 


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