If you are a Salesforce professional, but still waiting to grab a great opportunity, then let me tell you are just one step away from landing upon your dream job or get that much awaited break in your existing job. The secret is to get the right certification, which is integral to your Salesforce journey.

But if you have Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud specifically in your mind, there’s no reason to be disappointed.

In this blog post, I shall talk in detail about the different certifications that you can opt for as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud professional, if you are keen to take your career to the next level.

Let us now have a quick look at some of the crucial certifications:


First, it is the Superbadges, a term you shall come across while you start preparing for your Salesforce Certification. However, the catch is it’s available only for the core platform and not the B2C Commerce Cloud platform. Therefore, there are certifications that you must take specific to Commerce Cloud.

When it comes to Superbadges you will need to solve questions and exercises in a sandbox environment. Once, that’s done Trailhead verifies whether you have done the configuration correctly and have written the codes perfectly. The advantage of Superbadges is that since it gives you an opportunity to work on the platform and code and configure all by yourself, you can gain an excellent experience from this whole exercise.

Pro Tip: The options are for SFCC technical professional are endless, you just need to go and grab it.

B2C Commerce Developer

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer credential is designed for those who have experience as full-stack developers for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.

Wondering how to crack this certification? It is not a herculean task, with some experience in one or two projects, the chances of clearing the exam are higher.

If you are appearing for the certification and your last two projects were with pipelines / SiteGenesis, you must already be having some knowledge on them. Therefore, during the exam it is more of SFRA controllers that you must know.

B2C Commerce Architect

A Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect is one who has experience designing global sites that support multiple brands and channels using standard design patterns. It is the next step in the journey of the Certified B2C Commerce Developer and the profile focusses more on the project lifecycle compared to development.

Pro Tip: You can only achieve this certification if you are a Certified B2C Developer.

You already know that this certificate is on the next level when compared to the Developer certification.

Hence, do not expect questions like “how do you log a message to the error log” but more like “You have three domains that have to be linked to these two sites.

Which of the following four answers is the correct Hostname Alias configuration?”.

Accredited Professional

Accreditation is a new certification that has made its way into the Salesforce ecosystem only last year. Accreditations is a “specialization” certification. Unlike the other certifications that covers numerous platform features, accreditations tests knowledge of a specific feature or part.

Let us now understand each of these in detail:

Salesforce Headless API First Accredited Certification: The Salesforce Headless API First Accredited Professional exam is for consultants with implementation and consulting experience on B2C Commerce or headless projects in a customer-facing role. Individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in configuring and using Salesforce Commerce APIs in the context of Sample Apps and real headless implementations can take this exam. It largely focusses on the SCAPI (Salesforce Commerce APIs), testing knowledge of a set of REST endpoints.

Commerce Cloud Einstein: The Einstein Commerce Cloud Accredited Professional exam is for professionals who are well-versed with the data ingestion processes, security, and access implementations.

The accreditation test specifically checks on the following knowledge of an individual:

  • Development (Slots & Active Data)
  • Setting up the data feeds in the Business Manager
  • Configuring the recommender
  • Debugging Einstein

Can a Non-Developer opt for these Certifications?

One difficulty with these certifications is that they are meant only for the developer folks and the business analysts or merchandizers cannot take much advantage from it. However, one piece of good news for the non-technical folks is that they can take up the Commerce Cloud Einstein Accreditation Certification.

Therefore, summing it up all, whether you are SFCC professional or you are an organization offering SFCC capabilities, getting the right certificate at the right time is important, to gain maximum traction.