Managing ServiceNow Licenses has become a priority for many platform owners. Finding the reports and insights on the same is as tedious as managing the licenses itself. What if I tell you that you can manage your ServiceNow Licenses from a centralized control mechanism to remove unused roles or inactive users’ access from a group? ServiceNow License Workbench is your one stop solution for checking user access and controlling it for better cost realization and induce efficiency in license optimization process.

License Workbench is designed in a way to track licenses real time across the enterprise. Here, you can remove user’s access from a group and revoke license of users on the go. In an enterprise, there are instances and roles that are under-utilized. These under-utilized roles need to be revoked on time to help you save costs. Further, workbench can be used to review the current subscription information and can be used for the roadmap of future subscription needs.

How much Reports is too much reports ?

With the help of dashboards, you can fetch a lot of reports and insights on the unused roles and subscriptions but, analyzing these reports consumes all your time and effort in the process of understanding roles and actions. Hence, there needs to be an action item with the data you have in hand. License Workbench empowers you to perform an action before you spend time on fetching reports and using analytics.

Workbench and its features

Workbench features like Color-coded compliance banner and financial calculations help you with compliance check of licenses and estimate the cost with respect to the roles subscribed to it. In group and subgroup reconciliation, one can add or delete users to the groups that improve efficiency in user access control. In license metrics, platform owners can get a detailed description of rights owned, rights consumed, rights available, over-licensed amount and right allocations. When there is a difference between rights owned and rights consumed, you can remove all the under-utilized rights. Similarly, when there is a need to purchase more rights, you would be able to get it through purchase remediation option.

Check out our on-demand webinar series on license optimization can help you identify the gaps in license management. Moreover, our technical experts will deliver insights on the ultimate ways to manage subscriptions using a one stop License Workbench.

Here are the Key Takeaways:

  • Effectively track license usage and change user access across the enterprise
  • Analyze Sub-Optimal usage of ServiceNow instances & assigned roles
  • Review subscription information & Plan for future subscription needs
  • Act on analysis by editing/revoking roles and access

If you are already a ServiceNow user, our experts can help you cut down licensing cost through implementation of ServiceNow License Workbench in NOW Platform. If you are planning to adopt ServiceNow, we at Aspire Systems, as a ServiceNow Partner can help you adopt ServiceNow successfully with our years of experience and expertise.

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