When ServiceNow launched its software asset management suite, it was intended to master the management of software licensing and support businesses to cut costs. In ServiceNow SAM, software assets are tracked and managed for its financial, contractual and operational information. It is a business discipline that is responsible for tracking accurate and complete software asset data throughout its lifecycle. Further, it acts as a central system of data to manage and optimize software products. It has a unique combination of catalog, procurement and orchestration of software products, all in one system of action. Through ServiceNow SAM, it is easy for enterprises to quickly allocate and reclaim software licenses to address non- compliance and avoid the issues associated with vendor management.

In a latest development, ServiceNow has been recognized as a leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management tools (SAM). Having launched its first SAM product in 2017, ServiceNow was recognized as a leader in just two and a half-year’s period. Gartner 2020 magic quadrant for SAM is an important guide that helps organizations choose unbiased evaluation of software vendors. ServiceNow’s SAM helps its users reduce software spends and license risk, that could enable them to bring greater transparency to their software assets deployed in the datacenters and cloud.

How ServiceNow achieved this feat?

We all know that ServiceNow helps customers enhance their IT productivity, cost and resilience, and with the current challenging economic scenario, organizations are looking to cut costs and try to leverage more benefits from the capital they have invested. ServiceNow’s SAM tool runs on single architecture and is built with agility making ServiceNow a leader in SAM category within a short period of time. It offers a native interaction with other workflows as well. ServiceNow SAM lets customers interact with other critical functions like Hardware Asset Management, IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and IT Business Management.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management

As businesses are looking forward to save costs and increase efficiency, ServiceNow’s ability to measure and optimize software data and enables strategic decision-making capabilities was appreciated by the industry leaders. Moreover, ServiceNow SAM reduces software spend costs and minimize compliance risks making it stand out as an industry leader. Different enterprises who are active customers of ServiceNow demonstrated their capabilities and found opportunities to save millions by eliminating unused software.

What does this mean for Partners?

Partners are happy that ServiceNow is recognized as an industry leader in SAM and this encourages customers to choose ServiceNow Software Asset Management suite to eliminate a potential non-compliance environment. Having chosen an industry leader in managing software compliance, customers are looking forward to improve processes and vendor relations. On the other hand, partners were able to effectively manage customer’s pricing and licensing. A centralized IT asset management for software, hardware and cloud on the Now Platform provides insights to customers for efficient technology decision-making.

Aspire systems in the past has been successful in implementing ServiceNow SAM for many customers to strengthen their software compliance with regular checks. In one such scenario, Aspire Systems implemented ServiceNow SAM for a Swiss based Chemical and biotech company. Download our case study to know more.


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