A cohesive look, feel, and experience across channels has become an absolute necessity for retail brands. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been on the forefront of helping brands achieve this with minimum effort and implementation time so that businesses can effortlessly engage with customers over any channel or device.  

Salesforce releases regular monthly updates to its B2C commerce platform. Here are the highlights from the latest release, version 21.10: 

Latest features and updates  

  • Using the Einstein B2C Experiences Learning Map 

The recently released Einstein B2C Experiences Learning Map can be used to enhance the customer experience for business clients.  

  • Future requirement to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Salesforce MFA was added completely free of cost in February 2021 to all Salesforce products. It was made mandatory for all internal users to use MFA while logging into Salesforce B2C Commerce. MFA can be turned on directly in B2C Commerce or the SSO provider’s MFA service can be used.  

  • Inclusive terms replace legacy language 

In an effort to bring about language inclusivity in the products, Salesforce has been replacing terms considered as non-inclusive with more inclusive and refined ones. APIs and older API documentation will not be included in this because changing terms in the code can break current implementations.

  • Changing identity management for Commerce Cloud GitHub repositories 

Salesforce is simplifying how users access the Commerce Cloud GitHub repository. The registration step has now been removed to give direct access via Commerce Cloud Account Manager. However, this change only affects resources that require Commerce Cloud accounts. 

B2C Commerce Release Notes 

21.10 Release 

The B2C Commerce 21.10 release occurs from September 30 through October 28, 2021. The Secondary Instance Group (SIG) preview happens on September 30 with the update coming live on Oct 1. The environment updates happen in two phases throughout the month, namely on October 14 and October 21.  

It is vital for all end users to stay current with all the important B2C commerce product updates by reviewing the release notes.  

  • Using rule sets to assign dynamic categories 

With this new update of dynamic categories, there is no longer any need to assign each product individually to categories. Rule sets can be created to define the criteria, and products matching the criteria will get assigned to that category. Up to five rules can be added to a dynamic category, using AND and OR rules to expand or narrow the category’s criteria. 

  • Customizing payment methods in multiple countries  

Payment zones are a new addition that help to define the kind of payments applicable to each specific country to be predefined. Once a payment zone is created incorporating all payment methods applicable in the country where business is done, it can be made default for processing the payment. A default payments zone will be applied even if this feature isn’t used, which will be set to all currencies and countries, and is automatically created after assigning a checkout method to a merchant account. 

  • Using Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) with B2C Commerce Cloud 

Get a single source of truth for Digital 360 data with the Commerce CDP Connector.

  • Job Execution Updates for OCAPI 21.10 

The Job Execution document has a new property log_file_path that specifies the full WebDAV path of the log file. The property log_file_name has been removed.

  • New Location for Job Files 

Starting with 21.10, log files of all custom and system jobs are created in WebDAV path /Sites/LOGS/jobs/<job name>/<log file name>.log. 

  • Using commerce data in tableau 

The Tableau for Commerce Web Data Connector can be used to import all the commerce data into the Tableau. 

  • Managing on-demand sandbox instances in control center 

Managing on-demand sandbox instances can be now done using the control center itself.  

For a closer look at the features and enhancements in this release, watch the 21.10 Product Release Preview video.  

Source: https://salesforce.vidyard.com/watch/bKeGpthwxexoEd5ViDHmEy