Want to catch the customer’s eye in the crowded virtual marketplace? There’s no better way to do it than shining the spotlight on your products — think labels such as “best sellers”, “deals of the day”, and “new arrivals”. The tech tool of product badging gives merchants the power to promote exclusive items, draw the attention of customers and ensure a purchase.

Most merchants today use Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), but product badging doesn’t come with it. The good news is Aspire Systems has built a custom plug-in for product badging for SFCC platform users. Read on to know more about the tool and how it can make a difference to your sales.    

Cutting out the noise and grabbing the eyeballs in the world of online shopping that is outpouring with a plethora of offers and gazillions of products are crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

While custom labels can bring home higher sales, it is important to know how to strike a balance between bombarding a customer with options and giving them a curated list of items to choose from. It is essential that the wording is simple yet attention-grabbing, and the strengths of the products are highlighted with a strong message. The mantra to successful marketing is also in trying out different labels, so “pick of the day” might work better than “hot favorite” at a certain point in time. Product badging facilitates this dynamism and infuses a sense of freshness even when the collection on display may not be completely new.

How Customization Leads to a Full Cart

Tags specifying what makes an item unique are like a virtual recommendation that almost replicates an in-store experience where the salesperson publicizes products as “premium quality”, and “fresh stocks”. Working with the idea of personalization and customer-centric retailing, product badging is the tech solution that showcases the USP of a product or plays a psychological game with the shopper to ensure a purchase. For instance, “premium quality” highlights a feature of an item, while “fresh stock” and “top-rated” are to do with the behavioral principle of novelty and social proof that it is in demand.

Product badging piques the interest of shoppers enough to move from the product listing page (PLP) to the product details page (PDP). At checkout too, a label acts as a gentle nudge to purchase something that could have run the risk of being forgotten in the cart.

Even when on the PDP, special features of a product can get lost in the list of details, using a badge to remind shoppers of an item’s USP distinguishes it from the rest of the inventory. Here are some of the ways badges can be used:

  • Flash promotion offers and discounts pop out by using the words “clearance” or “steal deal”.
  • To hype up specific brands with “exclusive” or “pre-order”.
  • Stress on the scarcity and urgency principles such as “only a few left” or “limited edition”.
  • Highlight fresh stocks or what’s on sale with “new” or “Black Friday sale”.

Powering Up the Tool

Product badges can only be effective if refreshed and kept relevant. To do that merchants need to be given the autonomy of highlighting items from their inventory based on seasons, market trends, etc. Instead of having to change a code in the background every time a “hot today” tag has to change to “only three left”, product badging technology can be added in the backend for administrators and merchants who can choose from a menu of offerings and in a few clicks get their website ready with a refreshed set of highlighted inventory.

Keeping this market need in mind, Aspire Systems has built a perfect business manager’s tool for product badging. The accelerator is being created as a plug-in by Aspire as an added custom solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC).

Get Set to Captivate Customers

Directing traffic from a product listing to the final checkout using the art of visual persuasion is easy to master. While alternatives are good, plenty of them can be confusing and this is where a well-thought-out product badging strategy can make a difference. Product badging can be that easy-to-use powerful tool to help you increase sales with existing traffic and with no change in your inventory. In a world of options, all that customers need is a bit of a guidance while navigating the rows of merchandise on a web page. Get the most out of your business by helping customers finding the right fit.