You want to buy cutlery online and soon realize that a particular eCommerce site is offering amazing discounts on kitchenware. As it piques your interest, it could even result in your impulse buying more than what you had originally needed. Irrespective of the discount size, the words ‘coupon code’ remains appealing to all customers across geographies. However, that does not mean flat discounts and seasonal sales are the only tricks retailers employ to boost sales. In this blog post, we reveal the top ten secrets retailers use to increase sales with Magento commerce cloud without using any coupon code.

Doesn’t it sound intriguing? Let’s explore!

1.Cart Based Discounts

You can offer your customers discounts based on their cart value. For example, if a customer’s cart value exceeds a certain amount, the retailer can give a discount of 5% or 10%. Similarly, the discount becomes applicable based on the products in the cart. For a pair of contact lenses, a retailer can offer discounts on the contact lens solution.

The geographic location of the customer is another way of writing discounts in Magento services. The specialty of such discounts is that they are automatic since there is no coupon code or voucher.

2.Apply discounts without keying in the coupon code

How do you ensure that your customers can benefit from any ongoing promotions irrespective of how he chooses to add items to the cart? It is a common occurrence that when retailers bundle products together for a combo offer, the customer might not notice it and adds each individual item separately. Retailers can add value to the customers by sending out notification during checkout, letting them know of the promotional offer on the particular items they have chosen, and all they would need to do is replace the items in the cart for the combo instead

Pro Tip: Ensure that this particular feature has been coded into your Magento e-commerce site before you begin any promotional activities to make sure that all your customers can avail of these benefits

3.Simulate Buyers’ Anxiety

Remember the excess cutlery we were talking about a few minutes ago? Are you wondering how to create a similar sense of urgency among buyers? Offering a flash sale is a piece of cake for retailers using Magento commerce. It is a customizable feature in Magento that allows the retailers to easily decide on the product catalog, quantity, and the time period of the flash sale. There are multiple ways of marketing it too. It can appear on the header of the eCommerce site itself or as a separate pop-up and doesn’t require a separate coupon code to be applied at checkout

4.Season Specific Sales

Let customers be starkly aware of the amount of money they save while shopping on your site. This is yet another interesting feature of the Magento platform. When retailers give a flat discount on certain products usually, all the three prices, namely the MRP, the selling price, and the discounted price become visible to the customer, making them starkly aware of the deal they have just scored while shopping on your site. This is indeed a Magento exclusive feature.

Pro Tip: If you want to promote theme-based sales, such as Christmas sales or so on, your Magento site would have to undergo some customization, and it pays to be prepared well in advance.

5.Reward-based discounts

Why not reward customers for interacting with your brand? Organizing contests for customers and offering the winners of your contest a unique user ID makes them feel special and will get them to start talking about your brand more often. Customers can then use the unique user ID given to them to add items to their cart and purchase from you with deep discounts. Make them feel extra special by even allowing them to check out at zero cart value! Magento eCommerce platform offers this unique option to code into your e-commerce site, which is unlikely of most other e-commerce sites.

6.Discounts based on Customer Segmentation

Magento allows discounts based on customer’s gender, age group, geographical location, and many other aspects. Once the retailer decides on the discount segment, special prices become applicable to a user if they belong to that category, simply based on their customer ID.

7.Discounts based on Organizational Tie-up

Getting big organizations to work with you on boosting sales by offering discounts to their employees? Magento users can offer discounts to customers based on specific credentials like email addresses or phone numbers. This, however, requires some customization in terms of integration with external systems belonging to the partners like their HRMS, etc., and requires some custom development.

8.Affinity Discounts

Rewarding customers for buying from your store involves offering them meaningful discounts on related items. One of Magento’s default features is that consumers become eligible for discounts on one product if they have bought a related product. For example, a customer who purchases a yoga mat automatically becomes eligible to receive discounts on yoga pants. This tends to increase the customer’s wallet size, boosting revenue for the retailer.

9.Discount based on payments

Most payment gateways also offer special discounts to customers, and retailers can easily incorporate these onto their Magento platform as well. Customers then get additional discounts based on the payment gateway they choose.

10.Cashback based on the Payment Gateway

With Magento, it is possible to give customers cashback after they have held on to the product till the threshold period. The customization in the platform allows banks/payment gateways to provide the offer based on the configuration that’s written in the e-commerce business rule. Cashback could be either through credit points into the wallet or a direct cash transfer to the source card.

Looking Forward

The eCommerce landscape indicates that the entire industry has time-traveled in the forward direction and there is no looking back. Digital customer experience will set retailers apart from their competitors and ensure long-term visibility. Thus, getting it right is business-critical.

Magento eCommerce platform can make this journey seamless. Retailers can have access to the best-of-breed eCommerce system to manage digital transactions. Gone are the days of coupons or vouchers to allure more customers to an eCommerce site, instead brands can now leverage a storefront that has a lightning speed performance coupled with a sophisticated front-end crafted keeping in mind the need of the modern-day consumers

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