According to a study, the e-commerce industry is now home to about 24 million online stores. This means that in this new day and age, people are more invested in sitting in their sweatpants and having all our necessities delivered to them!

No complaints, though. It’s good for business, after all.

But where does that leave retailers and merchants who are looking to grow their business without compromising on scalability?

If you want to retain your customers and maximize your e-commerce inventory’s ROI, creating the perfect e-commerce website is of paramount importance. The purpose of a good e-commerce website is to make sure your customers have a great online shopping experience and leave with enough motivation to return for more.

Here is a checklist curated to help you create the perfect e-commerce website for your brand.

Pre-launch checklist for e-commerce websites

Step 1: Technical functions

  • Ensure your website is responsive on all devices and browsers
  • Test and track your website’s loading time
  • Get an SSL certificate for safe and secure transactions
  • Create a sitemap for better management of SEO and content

Step 2: Site Management

  • Enable accessibility to recent purchases or order history with tracking options.
  • Use promotional graphics with all your popular products and brands on the homepage
  • Create a search field at the top of all your website pages
  • Use a simple design for easy consumer navigation
  • Give the filter option on each category page
  • Provide links to all information about you and your brand (legal and privacy policies, contact details, FAQ pages, blogs, return and exchange policies, etc.)
  • Offer a Live chat option for quick assistance
  • Put the cart icon on every webpage to simplify the checkout process

Step 3: Product pages

  • Use the Add to Cart and Wishlist option on every product page
  • Provide details like availability, scarcity, bestseller, and fast-moving products
  • Ensure product pages contain a mix of technical descriptions and marketing messages
  • Display high-quality images that showcase different product dimensions
  • Make sure the product images are named correctly for better SEO strength
  • Showcase reviews and ratings by other customers for each product.
  • Offer “how-to pair” options with links to other products to match
  • Showcase size charts and sizing guides
  • Promote blogs, tutorials, and media events

Step 4: Checkout add-ons

  • Make sure customers can avail offers or deals upon registration
  • Offer free shipping to orders above a specific amount and more than one shipping and payment option
  • Include a field for promo codes and coupons
  • Show appreciation and enthusiasm after an order has been placed.
  • Let customers know how much money they have saved

Step 5: Follow up

  • Send confirmation email with product image, order details, and payment receipts
  • Include links for tracking orders in real-time
  • Include links to understand return/exchange policies
  • Offer promotional codes for future purchases
  • Include a survey to evaluate the shopping experience

Fuel your e-commerce business with Magento’s next-gen experiences

With the checklist out in the open, you’d think it’d be easy to run a business or manage an online store. But ultimately, you’d find yourself in need of third-party platforms that would make achieving a steady and efficient business more attainable. Magento is one such platform that is dedicated to e-commerce ventures with feature-packed solutions that are free of cost along with out-of-box solutions that can be customized and deployed by specialists like Aspire Systems.

Magento’s e-commerce platform offers ample future-ready solutions for debugging, catalog management, order and shipping management, emails, analytics, and SEO – well, the list really does go on. Below are some of Magento’s cutting-edge solutions, which can improve your website performance to a great extent.

Store Manager

This acts as a command center for Magento websites by updating the inventory while exporting and synchronizing products with e-bay or Amazon sales channels so you can import them to your store. You can easily create a POS (Point of sales) system for easy and convenient shopping, and also locate broken images or invisible data by running store diagnostics. Magento’s Store Manager is available for a free trial, after which regular subscriptions start from $249.

Image Optimizer and Mass Image Uploader

An e-commerce website comprises a large number of images throughout its pages which could essentially reduce the site’s speed. Magento’s Image Optimizer solution compresses and optimizes large file sizes without decreasing the quality of the image, thereby improving speed, user experience, and conversion rates.

Similarly, Magento’s Mass Image Uploader solution allows you to select, drag and drop multiple pictures to the product grid – making it a lot easier to add or and even remove them as required. This solution also allows you to apply necessary updates in bulk.

Product Sales Information

 With Magento’s Product Sales Information solution, you can determine which product is making the most sales (best-selling) and which is performing poorly. It also helps you determine the average order value over a period of time and generates fast-moving items so that your products are never out of stock.

 Minimum Order Amount

Magento’s Minimum Order Amount solution allows store owners to control the minimum or maximum order amount of different customer groups based on their upgrade. By doing this, you create a sense of demand for larger order amounts and increase order value, encouraging customers to upgrade their group.

Order Preparation

Magento’s Order Preparation solution improves the way your order is placed and completed. It helps to categorize open orders by status, in-stock group (with orders ready to ship), backorder group (with one product missing), and on-hold group (flagged to not be shipped for various reasons). It also helps determine the progress of all orders in one glance. Packers are also provided with a barcode scanner on a picking list to reduce the probability of a product mismatch.

Once the order is correctly packed, this solution will automatically download the template file for your carrier. The final step of shipping is done by simply printing the shipping details and saving the tracking number to Magento before notifying the customer about the order being shipped.

Unlock your Magento-powered e-commerce potential with Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems, an Adobe Bronze Partner, provides an impressive set of Magento features to merchants, developers, and retailers. Our Magento Commerce Cloud solution offers Implementation, Order Management, Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and many more developmental capabilities. We can transform your e-commerce business and make your website go live, fully powered by Magento, in just six weeks!

Many businesses are growing dependent on the digital world due to the current circumstances. Customers are expecting it too, with pretty much every other aspect of their lives undergoing some level of digital transformation. Is it any wonder that this is the best time for you, as a future-thinking retailer, to level up your brand’s e-commerce experience?

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