Behind every great driver is a dashboard that helps keep their vehicle running. Dashboards let drivers know how fast they’re going, what they need to work on, and the overall health of the vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great if commerce websites came with easy-to-use dashboards just like in cars? Salesforce makes metrics and insights  dashboards happen with the B2C Commerce Reports & Dashboards Application. This SFCC exclusive gives retailers multiple dashboards inside the main dashboard, to cover financials, product tracking and so much more.

Dashboards within dashboards

According to a Bloombe HYPERLINK “”rg  HYPERLINK “”article, retail market Big Data analytics was $4.43 billion in 2019, but is  projected to hit $17.85 billion by 2027. It’s growing by leaps and bounds because intelligent market insights offer retail customers better sales and revenues! The SFCC Reports & Dashboards App offers mini dashboards within the main dashboard to cover virtually all aspects of online buying and selling for the best ecommerce retail experience.

The main dashboard gives merchants a quick look at the overall metrics and insights of their website. Users can get further insights by checking out each individual dashboard highlighted below:

  • Sales

Everything sales is collected and reported on the sales dashboard. Sales metrics offer retailers insight into product sales and revenue, and what to focus on.

  • Product

The product dashboard hosts data and generates reports on metrics about top-selling products, gift certificates, and products that aren’t doing so well. By knowing what’s moving and what’s not, retailers can up their marketing game.

  • Promoter’s friend

A promotion dashboard like this helps merchants evaluate general promotion performance, individual promotion results, and promotion source code data. 

  • Search the site

The on-site search dashboard allows merchants to visualize how their customers search for and look up products on the merchant site. By seeing what words shoppers use, and what the storefront search results offered, retail users can finetune the search and lookup to offer customers better chances at finding what they need. Using related keywords searches, or synonym searches helps products move faster as well.

  • Traffic cam

Site footfall is good, but site purchases are even better. While most retailers focus on pulling customers to their storefronts, an ideal situation includes bringing customers to the site, and getting them to purchase. With the traffic dashboard, retailers get insights into whether customers are just window shopping, or if they stopped by and couldn’t find what they wanted, and left.

  • E=mc2

Retail clients that already use the Einstein Commerce Cloud will get insights for the same. These include search word recommenders and parameters. It gives customers the chance to see what works and what needs to be refined in order to offer customers better search recommendations.

  • Technically speaking

The technical dashboard gives customers an overview of the server-side technical operations data, including pipelines and controllers. The Technical Open Commerce API (OCAPI) dashboard provides insight into their site’s OCAPI requests.

  • Real-time performance

Finally, the real-time performance dashboard offers live sales metrics, such as the number of orders received, products sold, and baskets created. 

Customizable dashboards for everyone

 The functionality of the Reports & Dashboards App doesn’t stop at the valuable insights. Users can personalize the dashboard to suit their needs.

Sorting by date

If users need metrics that extend beyond the range offered on the main dashboard, there’s a way to get it. By adjusting the date parameters, users can see insights for a certain date range.

Filtering it out

To narrow the data view, clients can use the dashboard filters to see what they need.

  • Sites

If a merchant has more than two or more sites on the Commerce Reports & Dashboards App, they can filter out the data for all, or just one site at a time.

  • Devices

What devices did customers use to access the storefront? The information is all here, whether they used a PC, laptop, or mobile phone.

  • Customer is king

Having customers is good. What’s better is when they’re returning customers, a testament to the quality and service of the brand. Retailers want to focus on their brand overall to turn customers into return customers and this filter helps to that end.

  • Be our guest

Registered users or guests? There’s a way to sort them using the customer registration sorting filter!

  • Channels

The channels from where orders originate. These include: Storefront, Endless Aisle, Customer Service Center. (link to those blog posts?)

  • Locale

SFCC clients have stores across the globe, so their stores will be categorized according to locations. Data can be acquired for the same here. 

Retail merchants looking to utilize the simple yet powerful B2C Commerce Reports & Dashboards Application can get in touch with Aspire Systems. Reports, metrics and insights are just a click away.