You have been considering an upgrade to your POS. This POS works fine but there is something that keeps bothering you. You do not know what it is. You have tried to seek answers for the same. Time is another constraint. You should be concentrating on increasing sales, organizing and training your store associates, overall improvement and upkeep. Finally, customer satisfaction…ouch! That is serious business.

We understand your woes. And for everyone, it is UNIQUE! So, should your Point of Sale (POS) be. Before you venture out in search of a reliable POS, you need to assess your internal scenario and get acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses. You have to set the right expectations. What we could assist you with is providing some crucial questions that you should consider when upgrading your POS.

Following is a list of questions that will get you the right answers and ease your decision in selecting the right POS for your retail business.

Questions to be asked

  1. What is holding your managers and buyers back?
  2. What features would help them?
  3. Are you able to access all of the information you require without any latency?
  4. What reporting features would your account need that will increase accuracy, tracking and above all save time?
  5. How much money and time is your business losing on account of current errors?
  6. Is your current POS scalable to increased sales, inventory across channels and addition of new stores?
  7. Is your POS budget based on your Gross Annual Sales?
  8. Are you investing in on-going training of your staff?
  9. Do you get the mandatory reports as stated by law that is inclusive of PCI compliancy?
  10. Is your current POS able to integrate new solutions as and when the occasion arrives?
  11. How do you want to engage with your customers?
  12. Do you want to make decisions on the go?

Choosing a Point of Sale with the latest functionality of real-time analytics, secure access to customer data, optimum use of inventory and personalized promotions for customers will be an ideal POS. How about your choice?