We have two speakers, Jayakanthan Chidambaram, Practice Head for Analytics and Adarsh Nellika, Principal Solution Consultant – Analytics Practice discussing at length about

  1. Consumer life cycle analytics
  2. Challenges in implementing a consumer analytics solution and
  3. How to overcome them with the right mix of analytics solution?

Listen to the podcast…

…and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.


Veena Gowda

Veena Gowda

Deputy Manager Marketing at Aspire Systems
Veena is an assertive Technology Solutions Evangelist with more than a decade of experience spanning across industries from enterprises to start-ups. A voracious reader and poet at heart, she also dabbles in content writing for pleasure. For Veena, Change is the key factor that keeps any technology interesting.
Veena Gowda