There’s nothing like having a sophisticated system in place to run your business. What keeps the system up and running are the tiny yet important components like infrastructure and network. A healthy system to keep your business running is the result of effective maintenance and monitoring of these significant components.

Sometimes retailers fail to understand that all of these components are interconnected. When one of these fail to function, it will affect the other components either directly or indirectly thus, affecting the business. For instance, if the network is down in a store, making online transaction will not be possible. The customer can still make a purchase offline but the details have to be entered manually into the system. The inventory has to be updated manually. If the store employee fails to update the inventory, it will affect the next purchase of the item. So, if the network is down, the customer cannot make an online transaction and the inventory is not updated for the offline purchase and this list of problems keeps getting bigger. So, what every retailer needs is a comprehensive monitoring dashboard that will maintain all the components of the system. Aspire’s vast technology expertise will help you achieve this. Our resources are trained to operate the tools and work on the available data and perform Predictive Analytics. The results incurred will help the retailer identify the risks and opportunities in the future.

Infrastructure Monitoring

For any system or process to work efficiently, robust infrastructure is a must. An efficient system maintenance tool will monitor the integration of multiple peripheral applications. The monitoring system will ensure the infrastructure is robust and bug-free. As part of the service, a weekly maintenance activity is carried out without affecting the performance of the system. The tool allows us to perform capacity management through which the infrastructure sizing can be predicted based on the requirement.

Inventory Monitoring

Inventories are the largest expenses incurred from a business. One of the key factors in measuring the health of the business is the inventory management because sales, purchasing, etc., are affected by it. Walmart lost $3 billion in 2013 due to poor inventory management. Therefore, it is essential to have an efficient inventory management system. Aspire offers a promising inventory management tool that updates the inventory with every transaction. The POS and inventory applications are integrated so that every sale or return made is promptly updated as reduction or addition in the inventory. This will also help the retailers save the additional cost and resource that goes into stock maintenance. Retailers require a supporting system the most during season sales. Our resources can perform Predictive Analytics with the tool well in advance to make sure the stock is available throughout the sale period.

Database Monitoring

An efficient database monitoring tool is required to maintain the data accuracy in the system. With each update or transaction, the data gets modified which has to be mapped to the central system and the POS machine. The proactive monitoring tool will ensure that the most recent data is stored in the devices and the junk is removed on a timely basis to facilitate efficient storage. The tool comes with an appropriate backup system which will facilitate data protection during system failures or disasters.

Network Monitoring

What good is a sophisticated application without a stable network? Since stores operate on real-time data transfer, the network with good bandwidth has to be consistent. A dedicated monitoring tool is made available to check the network status at any given time and any network issue is resolved on priority.

As mentioned earlier, when one of these components fail to function, it could affect the business big time. Well, it’s time to heave a sigh of relief! A comprehensive dashboard with multiple tools integrated to monitor all the important components of the entire system is a blessing. Our single dashboard system to maintain all the components will ensure any error, creeping in any of the components is attended to immediately and the same will be resolved before it affects the business. With Aspire’s proactive maintenance tool and experienced industry experts, run your business smooth and uninterrupted. Because quality products attract customers but quality services retain them.