Most of the leading retailers use some retailing suite or the other to handle their business operations accurately. Survival without a proper solution, to handle the entire sales, inventory etc. becomes very difficult. But the real question is, is just that enough? Not every retail business works the same way. A fashion business works differently from a grocery business. So, just implementing THE solution is not sufficient to run your business successfully.

Every retailer must be given the privilege to customize the support services based on their need. This is facilitated by ready-to-use business applications called accelerators. These accelerators can be seamlessly integrated to the retailer’s solution in the existing platform. They come with a variety of support features, robust systems and require minimum maintenance. Multiple levels of support services can be derived from accelerators based on the size of the business and the retailer’s requirements. One solution to fit all businesses is a myth. But building independent solutions for each line of business is an expensive and tedious process. Aspire’s Consulting Accelerators are plug-in solutions that will provide the retailers the type of support they need based on the challenges faced by them. This will save the retailers the time and cost needed to build customized software applications from scratch.

Here are the four major types of Consulting Accelerators that every retailer needs today.

Performance Issue Fixer:

The major challenges faced by retailers are handling the inventory, accounting sales, and batch scheduling. The level of the problem intensifies as the size of the business grows. Special set accelerators, each capable of performing a specific activity, can seamlessly fix these issues.

Performance Issue Fixer, as the name suggests, is a simple, easy to integrate accelerator that can resolve 80% of retail business problems. Data migration is carried out during an upgrade of an existing system or transfer to a completely new system. A special type of performance accelerator allows seamless and quick migration of Stock on Hand and other data with minimum downtime.  Another type of accelerator rebuilds indexes within the database, classifying and arranging them in the required format. This will optimize the execution of database queries and help handle large volume data processing seamlessly.

Event Management:

Peak seasons bring in more business. Be it back to school, mother’s day or Christmas. While holiday season brings joy to customers, it instigates fear in retailers. Handling large sales seamlessly, ensuring stock availability etc. are the major challenges faced. Retailers need the right kind of support during this season in order to increase their sales and to not disappoint their customers. Being prepared is having a proper support system in place that will meticulously manage the inventory and shelf replenishment.

A major issue that is dragging down large retailers is Stock On Hand (SOH). A study reports that loss due to stock on hand is greater than Organized Retail Crime. Aspire’s efficient technology resources can support these retailers in overcoming loss caused by SOH. Automated reports generated on Stock On Hand, Hourly Sales and OTB (Open To Buy) can help the retailers keep track of the inventory availability and handle orders seamlessly. Validation of SOH is done across modules to provide correct information on the stock on hand.

The idea is not just applicable to in-store operations but also for online stores. Having the stocks available in stores and delivering gifts (during the holiday season) on time helps the retailer gain customer loyalty which is the key to a successful business.  It is important for retailers to equip a support system that will collect and validate data across channels including Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Retail Warehouse Management System & Store Inventory Management etc., to keep track of the stock availability and orders. Maintaining information across multiple integrated features will allow hassle-free inventory and order maintenance in the physical stores and the online stores.

Call a Guru:

There are other types of accelerators that provide consultation over the phone. Just one call will help the retailers get guidance from industry experts. These experts provide telephonic consultation on issues related to product utilization, system integration etc. With their assistance resolve complex issues effortlessly. They also provide solution to issues related to Retail Merchandising System and Retail Price Management. One of the most important areas of retail is the price management. When the retailers are unable to make the correct pricing decision, Call a Guru team shares their expertise. They provide consultation to fix the gaps in the system by understanding the solution. They also assist in business processes such as promotional merchandise planning.

Support @ site:

While getting support from industry experts through the phone is one option, there is an even better solution for resolving the problem immediately. Nothing like having an expert on-site, and getting the issue resolved as and when they occur. This accelerator comes as a part of support services we offer for your retail solution. These experts are present at the retailer’s site and help them resolve issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. They assist on issues related to business process, data and application. These on-site support team comes with industry expertise and can be appointed as Implementation Manager, Quality Assurance Lead, and Solution Architect etc.

Even sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems are prone to errors. With Aspire’s consulting accelerators, receive on-time support services and maintain your system healthy and bug-free. Our subject matter experts will cover every aspect of retail support and management. With Consulting Accelerators, fast track your business to success.