3 wicked ways to boost your online sales this Halloween! No tricks, just treats 

Inflation cannot dent the excitement for Halloween the “scary-good” time of the year. Why are we so hopeful, you would ask? Well, in 2021, Americans were expected to spend $3.17 billion on Halloween, but ended up spending around $10.14 billion, a record high. With the rise in inflation and recession fears have impacted consumer spending habits, with Halloween and the Holiday Season around the corner, fun is non-negotiable. If anything, we can expect sales to go higher, thanks to the rise in digital commerce, to the relief of retailers who were struggling to maintain profit growth earlier this year.   

So, how can retailers gear up? With a flexible e-commerce platform like (SFCC – SFRA) in place and for a unified experience, i.e., a unified view of the customer, inventory, and orders, it is simple to connect with consumers, brew up a personalized experience, and drive sales with an amazing season trend.  

These numbers reflect the fact that the holiday is affordable, less expensive and has typically been good for e-commerce. In this blog, you will learn about three unique and actionable strategies for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform site so that to you can ride the Halloween wave. Some of these fascinating ideas will undoubtedly offer you a competitive advantage.   

So,let’s get started.  

#1 Add some spook to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce site layout  

It is always interesting to see ecommerce sites that match the spirit of the season. Retailers can improve their website’s UI/UX by including Halloween-related trivia and pop-ups. According to recent research and surveys, when customers approach your site, undeniable spine-tingling coupon pop-ups right in front of their eyes may be highly appealing.

 #1 Add some spook to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce site layout 

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Halloween vibe! 

Shoppers will be drawn to your large banners on the homepage slider. So, if you want to make new consumers aware of your enticing Halloween specials, contests, or special giveaways, this might be a terrific approach to wow them. Halloween costume is not complete without makeup. Agree? A search for “Halloween” yields a plethora of “must-haves” for a creative costume. And MAC provides a unique Halloween purchasing experience and theme-related information on the home page.  


Source: maccosmetics.com | Image for representation only 

E-commerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud not only make it easy to establish categories and promotions on the fly, but they also allows businesses to rapidly tag products so that it appears in Halloween-related searches, or any other season for that matter (such as upgrading sitemaps with new content). Also, don’t overlook mobile consumers. Smartphones and tablets are utilized for the bulk of Halloween-related searches.  

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One of several digital commerce solutions create a mobile-responsive website or improve your existing website to be mobile-responsive. With the ease of digital commerce, this will smoothen your customer’s purchasing journey. Use your commerce platform’s digital marketing features to increase e-commerce Halloween sales.  

No tricks, just treats 

  • Undeniable pop-up offer  
  • Create a Halloween landing page 
  • Use Halloween-style Language 
  • Issue a daily countdown flash sale 
  • Create a bundle offer for a relevant product – Clearance sale 
  • Run urgent discounts and promotions 
  • Optimize your website for the right keywords and SEO 

#2 Run special promotions that your competitors can’t think of 

Create customized Halloween promotions. Review inventory statistics from last year’s Halloween to determine what sold and build a campaign around best-sellers. The most effective approach to attract customers is to reach out to them personally. This is generally achieved by sending out emails and SMS messages that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. This would enhance traffic by bringing in more redirection to the page.  

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is the expense of shipping. When you provide free shipping, you essentially give your consumers complete freedom to make as many orders as they like. However, here are 3 special promotions ideas you can apply to increase sales:  

  1. Issue a special gift (Trick or Treat) based on the purchase amount. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has Optional products feature and can be enhanced to fit this business need.  
  2. Run a Halloween lottery game spin. 
  3. Issue a point-based competition for a special prize – Giveaways. 


Source: Knowband.com | Image for representation only 

Take a peek at the laggards. Is there any way to put a Halloween twist on a campaign for low sellers to move the merchandise? Today’s Salesforce Commerce Clouddigital commerce technology and the intelligence behind it puts the power in business users’ hands. Enable them to use it.   

#3 Halloween-themed Social Media campaigns 

Use social media to boost e-commerce Halloween sales. When it comes to costume inspiration, the NRF calls social media the fastest-growing influencer, notably Instagram, which has risen tremendously in the last couple of years. 

Use catchy hashtags, influencer marketing, and Instagram’s new engagement targeting tools to help discover who are interested in specific content. For example, in 2021, Zara had smartly curated a kidscollection with a Halloween theme. 

Source: Instagram 

Take advantage of the holiday’s highly visual, fun character to produce captivating content. Carousel advertisements on Facebook and Instagram may be used to highlight special deals or Halloween-themed content.  

Author’s Note 

The inflation and subsequent may have dampened retailers’ spirits, but it may not be too late to ride the Halloween wave and maintain profit growth this year by utilizing features built-in in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. With unified commerce, you’ll be prepared for any flood of guests, regardless of the occasion. And make the most of all the unique ideas you’ve just learnt here to boost Halloween sales.  

You’ve crossed the first hurdle in the two-month holiday course, but there’s so much more to look forward to, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, of course, Christmas. Intimidated? Don’t be.With strategic preparation for flash sales, you’ll be ready for any influx of visitors, no matter the occasion.