The eCommerce market is rapidly growing. But reports say, 18% of shoppers abandon their cart due to complicated checkout. Clunky and time-consuming checkout process causes cart abandonment and customers move to competitors for a better user experience.

To reduce cart abandonment and capture the lost revenue, retailers must offer customers frictionless checkout. And the good news is Magento commerce cloud enables that.

In this blog, we shall discuss how the Magento eCommerce platform creates unique checkout experiences for different businesses.

One-click checkout

One-click checkout is specific customization in Magento eCommerce service. It is for customers who need a quick recharge. Customers choose their order value and the order is complete immediately after the payment. In one-click checkout usually, payment types are disabled based on the business type. For instance, COD being disabled for mobile recharge or ticket bookings.

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Recharge Coupons

Magento cloud allows customers to recharge their phone numbers, DTH connections, internet cards either for themselves or for others. With this customization available in Magento web development, they need not enter the shipping or the billing address. They can choose the value of the recharge coupon and move to the payment gateway which doesn’t have the COD option. The entire process is extremely frictionless and happens only with a few clicks.


In this voucher-based check out the eCommerce site has multiple vouchers and these vouchers are time-bound. Customers have two options one is the quick view and the other is to add vouchers to the cart. After adding vouchers to the cart, customers straightaway reach the payment gateway. They can choose whether they want the vouchers in their phone numbers, email ids, or directly download them from their accounts. The tokenization that happens in the entire process becomes possible with Magento API.


A Magento solution enables customers to purchase templates, books, movies, music, themes, and the like with careful customization. After purchasing the template, customers can download it to their local machine. However, for some premium customers, it is possible to email the templates.

Location-based Checkout

In this method, international eCommerce sites have different checkout for different locations. It allows the customer to find out the tax that they must pay based on their geography. Similarly, for some products, customers get to know about the delivery restriction to their shipping address right from the checkout page.

Checkout for Price-Sensitive Business

There are some eCommerce sites where the price changes frequently such as jewelry, petroleum products, or travel sites. In such cases, the customer must receive notification of the change when they arrive at the checkout page. The entire process of notifying the customer and refreshing the input data happens at the backend with Magento enterprise cloud.

Checkout for Customizable Products

When customers tailor-design a product as per their requirement, they see a different price at the checkout page. The price varies from one customer to the other depending on the customization. Magento allows writing three different prices on the screen namely the gross price, the net price, and the special price.

Another instance of customization is based on the customer’s profession. For example, if a doctor wants to buy a car, he or she might get a price that is different from the others due to the variation in the tax slab. All these happen with the Magento platform at the back end.

Promotion-based Checkout

This is specific to a payment method or if there is any cashback. When eCommerce sites have a tie-up with a particular payment gateway the checkout screen is customized as per the theme of the seller and the payment gateway. The objective is to promote that particular payment gateway. Sometimes with Magento, it is possible to set a threshold value against which customers can avail specific discounts. For example, if someone makes a purchase of $100, one may get a discount of 10%.

B2B Checkout

It is not a typical eCommerce process flow. In this process, customers buy in bulk and they can request a special price. They get a special quote based on their goodwill, past history, or creditworthiness. When customers get the special quote, they may buy the quote and add it to their cart. The checkout page will have different payment options like a credit card, demand draft, or cheque since the transaction value is immensely high and the actual payment happens offline.

Customized checkout: The path towards higher Conversion

A customer who is on the checkout page already has the intent to buy. But the onus lays on the retailer to help the customer move towards the final transaction. Removing impediments like lengthy and time-consuming checkout processes and implementing flexible and secure payment options quickens the entire process. However, the secret is to choose the perfect eCommerce cloud platform like Magneto to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversions, and keep happy customers coming back.

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