In a world of Modern Retail to deliver the ultimate retail Omnichannel experience, retailers must be able to:

  • Pivot their business processes and focus on the customer
  • Adapt to the fluid customer journeys
  • Drive Operational Agility by responding faster to change and executing at scale
  • Create unique personalized experiences that keep customers intrigued

With every release of Oracle Retail, comes a whole host of features and enhancements that are added to Omnichannel suite. This blog provides a sneak-peek into some of the latest features and enhancements in the following modules of the Oracle Omnichannel Suite.

As part of Oracle’s Omnichannel product portfolio, some of the exciting Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Suite (ORCE) enhancements planned for Release 19.0 include:

  • Real-time message publishing enabling ORCE to prompt the systems to take an action when an event occurs
  • Retail Home info tiles used for displaying additional information about key performance indicators (KPI’s) to users in context, thereby enabling the customers to work with increased operational agility
  • Integration with Oracle Data Cloud and more.

Some of the Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service Suite Planned Enhancements for Release 19.0 involve the introduction of a fully mobile store, support for multiple mobile servers within a store, additional country accelerators, camera scanning support, extended integration with Omnichannel applications and Enterprise Suite Xstore and so on.

“Download the whitepaper: Reinvent Retail with Oracle Retail Suite”

Oracle retail solutions provide retailers with a complete, open, and integrated platform for best-of-breed business applications, cloud services, and hardware that are engineered to work together. All these enhancements make V19 one of the most recommended releases in Oracle Retail for retailers who wish to transform their retail business to suit the modern generation and lifestyle. The goal is to ensure that you leverage the technology to the fullest to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

There’s a lot more to it. Stay tuned for further posts on this release to uncover more features and enhancements that you can delight your customers with. Enjoy the release!

“Download the whitepaper: Reinvent Retail with Oracle Retail Suite”