Did you know that over 270,000 merchants choose Magento commerce cloud for their business? Despite the numerous e-commerce platforms that are available, this size of the market goes to show how popular it really is.

This blog specifically delves deep into Magento’s content management capabilities to see if you are making the most of its features for your brand.

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Both the editions of Magento that is the Community and the Enterprise Edition have diversified functionalities and features and hence, Magento builds a highly dynamic and robust e-store. Some of the intriguing features of Magento’s Content Management System (CMS) are:

  • Helps in building a highly secure site
  • Creates and manages multiple storefronts with one Admin panel
  • Supports multiple pricing, languages, and currencies
  • Offers enhanced user experiences such as one step checkout, advanced filter, navigation, and easy-to-understand interface
  • Brings to the plate numerous marketing tools like the landing page, online poll creation, newsletter management, email template, promotional pricing tools, and many more
  • Enables integration with different payment gateways, third-party marketplaces, apps, and networks

Flexibility as per Business Need

No businesses are alike and their requirements differ, and it’s crucial that the layout of every online store along with the look and feel is in sync with the business value and brand sentiment. For example, the way an online store that sells life-saving medicine won’t look the same as an eCommerce storefront that sells flowers and gifts. Magento can create storefronts that are tailor-made as per businesses. Also, Magento’s CMS enables users to integrate more than one store into a single install. Besides, the speed of Magento CMS allows businesses to handle varying traffic and spike in sales with no downtime.

Personalization with Optimization

Imagine a situation, you log in to your favorite eCommerce site on Women’s Day and come across multiple women-specific offers. Certainly! Your heart would jump with joy. This is exactly the kind of personalization that brands can offer their customers leveraging Magento capabilities. Magento CMS allows merchants to:

  • Create personalized and automated emails taking cues from the shopper’s cart
  • Curate impactful messages about abandoned carts
  • Customize landing page for unique customer segments

Besides, the Magento eCommerce platform is also SEO friendly and thus, store owners can optimize web architecture, product images, and create SEO-friendly URLs for improved web presence.

Highly Responsive and Scalable

For businesses to thrive, web stores should be highly responsive. Whether users use a mobile, a desktop, or a tablet, the responsiveness of the site shouldn’t suffer. In case a storefront opens in a mobile device but doesn’t operate well on a desktop, then few customers might have an unsatisfactory user experience. But Magento allows merchants to have storefronts that are equally responsive across all devices. Thus, brands can offer a device-agnostic shopping experience.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement can easily shoot up using Magento CMS. Wondering how? Magento has capabilities that allow brands to build a thriving relationship with returning customers. There are multiple ways of doing so. For example, there could be coupon codes, reward programs, personalized website experiences, and many more. Besides, there are a plethora of ways to allure new customers. Options like custom wish lists, discount codes, email, and store credits can go a long way to bring in more new customers. With Magento CMS it is possible to implement a customer rewards program, boost loyalty with incentives and points.

Should you choose Magento CMS?

Businesses are keen to reimagine the realm of online retail with engaging, shoppable experiences. But for that to happen, a robust, scalable, and intuitive CMS platform is integral. Magento can empower brands to face the fierce competition that’s around. It uses next-gen technology that gives businesses a wave of fresh air. If you want to be the next experience maker for your customers in the retail world, you might get in touch with some of the industry experts who will guide you through every step of your storefront creation with their flawless knowledge and continue to support you as needed.

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