Sensory search is the act of searching the internet for something using a picture or your voice. Sensory search opens new possibilities and enables users to pick what they want with less effort, regardless of the need to really know what they exactly want.

Visual search in retail has the power to make the shopping experience much easier and quicker for customer—and that’s worth testing out. Engines like Google lens, Bing search, and Pinterest Lens will present all the information about objects it recognizes from the image. Customers who have an easier time finding the products they’re looking for are already one step closer to making a purchase.

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Coming to Voice Search in retail, there are a lot of improvements going on the conversation capabilities of virtual assistants. Every day, the Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant becomes more and more capable of carrying on a conversation with you. There are several simple tasks that digital assistants like Alexa, Google Home facilitates for us that makes our lives a whole lot easier.

With this added ease of access to information, voice and visual searches will bring something unique to the table that traditional search can’t.

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