E-commerce is progressing at a quick pace, driven by high customer demand. Retailers have understood that unified customer experience is the need of the hour. Salesforce commerce cloud is one such solution, the best one in fact, that offers a unique set of capabilities to fuel the commerce experience.

According to a report by Statista, the e-commerce sale is projected to grow to $2.842 trillion in 2018. As the systems advance digitally, proper maintenance and upgradation will become a challenge to the retailers. A particular challenge for all retailers is that they would never have a software team. But their day-to-day business runs on sophisticated applications. These applications need to be actively monitored to keep them running smoothly and maintained up-to-date.

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Millennial consumers expect uninterrupted and digitally advanced user interface. With advanced solutions such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, running the business smoothly might be a walk in the park. But maintaining these solutions could be challenging, especially since the retailers will not have the technical expertise.  As the size of the business increases so does the complexity of the application. Every retailer is always in need of an agile support system to back their e-commerce business.

As a software service provider, Aspire understands the need for the retailers and has the technical expertise to handle the system effortlessly and ensure it is always up and running. These support models are built to make the maintenance and support process transparent and painless. Retailers are provided with limitless opportunities to customize the support system based on their requirement.

A top-notch set of support models, operated by industry professionals with abundant knowledge can eliminate every retailer’s fear of exhibiting an incompetent e-commerce platform. Dedicated support teams can easily resolve system issues in businesses ranging from small time to large enterprises. They come with the technical expertise required to maintain the system bug-free to keep it up and running. Some support models facilitate onsite support where a dedicated resource is present at the client’s location to provide customized support. We provide 24/7 support to optimize your business and help you get the most of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Aspire Systems offers four types of support models for retailers using SFCC platforms. Retailers can choose a model that will best suit their need. We also recommend support models based on the size of the business, incoming traffic, and the budget. Take up a self-assessment survey to realize the right kind of support your business needs. Based on our expert recommendation, deploy a support model and simplify the way your business works.

Here are the four main support models that can help any retailer achieve smooth, trouble-free everyday e-commerce operations.

Basic & Standard Model:

E-commerce presence is important for all size business because consumers use multiple channels when researching, selecting and buying a product. Small time retailers who have just stepped afoot in the ecommerce business need a trustworthy chaperone. Our basic and standard models come with the right kind of support these retailers require. The models uphold the ecommerce platform, maintain it bug-free and secure the data from hackers. New, unstable platforms are generally error prone and needs intense monitoring and support. These support models protect the system from external attack, make sure the platform is stable and up and running.

As the business grows, the incoming traffic increases which can be seamlessly handled by our support models. Any issue in the system will be attended to and resolved on priority basis. A team of experts sitting offshore will provide L1 and L2 support and ensure the system is stable and secure. In both basic and standard support models, the technical resources share multiple accounts or sites since the incoming traffic would be relatively low. However, leveraging dedicated technical expertise for critical incidents can be accomplished on an additional cost basis. When a critical incident is identified, a dedicated team of developers is temporarily assigned to identify the source of the incident and follow it until closure.

The only difference between the two support models is that the number of hours of support offered in a standard model is relatively higher than that of the basic model. With the round-the-clock and effective support system, optimize your ecommerce business. Small time retailers can make use of our proactive support models to achieve a well-established business and mark their presence in the industry.

Advanced Model:

In a digitally thriving industry where it’s easy to lose customers in a blink of an eye, there’s a need to pamper the customers with the best.  Leading industry players with growing customer base are equipped with multiple sites. The platform in which these sites run needs to be proactively monitored and protected from potential threats. System downtime even for a short period of time will cost the retailers not just reduced revenue but also their reputation.

With multiple sites, the incoming traffic will increase rapidly and so will the issues in the system. These retailers require an effective, round-the-clock support system that will handle all their issues. Advanced support model is best suited to their needs. This is one of the best models that come with multiple support features in addition to the services offered by the basic & standard support models. The team of experts will monitor the platform round-the-clock and maintain it bug-free. A dedicated development team with the expertise to make changes at the platform level is made available. They make sure that the platform is scalable to handle the large incoming traffic without crashing.

Updates and migrations are done on a regular basis to keep the system updated and error-free. The most effective support model promises minimum downtime even during peak sales hours and ensures the system is always up and running.

Exclusive Model:

Let’s talk about the Walmarts of the ecommerce business! Even established industry players with sophisticated platforms are exposed to potential threats that will affect their business big time. During a threat exposure, if the system is not stable, it will result in unwanted downtime leading to a huge revenue loss. Some issues can be a real threat and result in system downtime while some other less critical ones can be fixed in no time. Some critical issues may prolong beyond the estimated time of resolution if the business is not equipped with technical experts to resolve it. Issues, however, big or small need to be fixed before it affects the system and the business.

A sophisticated support system needs to accompany your platform to maintain it and prevent its failure. The support model will allow the retailers to customize the service based on their requirements. It comes with a team of talented resources with deep industry understanding.  A dedicated team working 24/7, exclusively for the client will proactively monitor the system and resolve the issues that arise in the platform, then and there.  The root cause of the issue is identified, analyzed, attended to and resolved in a short time frame of fifteen minutes.

Performance audits are conducted frequently to make sure the system is maintained healthy and bug-free. Timely upgradation of the system, website maintenance, and uptime monitoring will be taken care of in addition to providing basic support services. The team with extensive experience and technology expertise works proactively to improvise the customer experience. The team size and the pricing will vary with the customer requirements and the size of the business. Get the best service that your ecommerce business needs.



Aspire offers the best and most essential support models that will increase the sales and improve customer service while reducing the operational cost. You’re provided with a variety of choices; choose what best suits your business. Be it an already existing package or a customized one based on the needs, it will help you run your day-to-day business smoothly without any interruptions. Choose wisely to experience prompt, hassle-free Salesforce Commerce Cloud support services.