Of late the eCommerce industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in customer behavior. Businesses across industries have innovated at breakneck speed. They have adopted new technologies, tried new strategies, added new web stores, and learned a lot about what their customers would need from an online shopping experience.

Gauging the need of the hour, Magento version 2.4 hit the markets on July 28, 2020. It was one of the major updates in eighteen months. The revamped version of Magento commerce cloud brought in a slew of benefits both for online store merchants and customers with its new fixes and improved security.

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In this blog, we shall outline some of the most interesting features that Magento 2.4 has and how they can help the eCommerce industry flourish.

1. 2FA Security

In online stores, there is no way you can compromise on the security aspects. Magento 2.4 exactly does that. Magento 2 had two-factor authentication, but it was discretionary. It means that the store owner could either enable or disable it. But with Magento 2.4, the two-factor authentication comes as a default feature. It becomes harder for spam users to log in to the admin panel without adequate authority and there is additional security for web stores.

2. Purchase Approval Workflows

Refined purchased workflow allows the purchase managers of the B2B organizations to configure approval rules for buyers based on the order value, the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs), shipping costs, and others.

Feature Highlights

  • Email notification at various stages of the purchase journey to the approvers so that they can approve, reject or comment on the purchase order
  • Complete log of actions that happen across the purchase orders
  • Quick view of the purchase orders
  • A personalized approach based on the multiple attributes
  • Acceleration of the purchase processes with automation
  • Compatibility with offline methods

3. Seller-Assisted Shopping

Another interesting feature of the updated Magento 2.4 is that it allows merchants to support customers on a completely new level. Using this feature, online store admins can log in as customers to the Magento admin panel. The goal is to enhance the buying journey.

Feature Highlights

  • Help the customers find a product
  • Fix issues for the customer directly from his or her account
  • Create orders or quotes for customers upon request
  • Execute administrative tasks like set-up the approval rules

4. In-Store Pickup

“Buy Online Pickup in Store” (BOPIS) has become one of the most preferred shopping methods among customers today. The Magento 2.4 feature allows customers to select a pick up location at their convenience during the checkout process. Merchants can make the shopping journey even more seamless by providing additional information about the brick-and-mortar store like the working hours, holidays, payment methods, and others.

Feature Highlights

  • Customers need not pay any additional shipping cost, which improves the conversion rates
  • Higher opportunity to up-sell, as customers are likely to spend more during in-store purchases

5. PWA Development

Mobile-first is integral to the eCommerce business. PWA Studio in Magento 2.4 allows a revolutionary mobile experience for merchants and customers. The latest version of PWA Studio in Magento 2.4 makes PWA development easier and faster. Using the PWA apps retailers can increase the conversion rates through reliable and easy-to-understand user flow on the mobile.

Feature Highlights

  • Improved storefront look
  • Standalone cart and checkout pages
  • The separate order confirmation page

6.Headless Commerce

A significant update in the new Magento version 2.4 is improvements to support the headless architecture concept. With the enhanced headless mode, retailers can now give their customers a delightful experience across all digital channels. Improved headless commerce will not only take eCommerce businesses to desktop and mobile but to the Internet of Things as well.

Should you tread upon the Golden Path of Magento 2.4?

Facilitated web store management to engaging shopping journeys, Magento 2.4 brings in a plethora of opportunities both for merchants and customers. However, there may be doubts about it since making a perfect choice is tricky. No worries! We have you covered. In case you are operating on Magento 1, we are ready to help upgrade it to Magento 2.4. Similarly, if you are already using Magento 2, we can help you make the updates to improve your online stores and ace growth.

Partner with us to leverage the latest technology and deliver meaningful commerce to your customers with utmost confidence.

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