Consumers today travel a far more complex road than the traditional marketing funnel largely due to the emergence of technologies. Unlocking our customers’ path to purchase allows retailers to substantially enhance their experiences and bring them closer to understanding exactly when and where they’re interacting with the brands.

A good CX is easy to recognize, but it can be difficult to deliver. For retailers to crack the code of seamless brand experiences, the journey isn’t that smooth. There are many retailers still stumbling as they address how to unearth poor customer experiences, improve them, and piece together a complete picture of their customers and the elements of a culture to sustain improvement over time.

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Read our series of collaterals to gain perspective on how to solve the different pieces of the CX jigsaw puzzle; increase customer engagement through disruptive technologies and how to build trust and deepen your ties with your customers.

There’s no right or wrong way to improve the retail customer experience. One can follow their own approach as well and be successful with it. It is all about how well you cater to the needs of your customer which all boils down to how well you understand them. However, the industry needs an overhaul in thinking and approach, one that puts retailers ahead of the curve, rather than behind it, and in front of consumers, rather than catching up with them. We have outlined a specific approach that will help you amplify CX in retail and help you deliver outstanding cross-channel solutions whether you’re already at the top of your CX game or just getting started!