With retail on the cusp of major transformation, businesses are looking for new ways to keep shoppers coming back for more. Headless commerce may just be the solution waiting in the wings for retailers looking to ramp up their e-commerce game.

But what is headless commerce? ‘Headless’ is a way to separate both the backend and frontend of an e-commerce platform.

The frontend/presentation layer of a system refers to what the end-user, or customer in this instance, accesses and sees. On the other hand, the backend is where all the data and software go. The bridges between the frontend and backend are robust APIs. For example, when a customer downloads your brand’s e-commerce app, APIs are what connect the frontend to the backend. Imagine the possibilities available to your brand through marketing, sales, and updates!

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you the ability to design APIs and headless commerce tools. These tools integrate your frontend and backend seamlessly so that your customer gets the best one-stop experience.

With headless e-commerce, developers can create robust e-commerce platforms that give visitors a richer user experience. This, in turn, drives customers through the sales funnel quickly and seamlessly.

Benefits of a headless approach to e-commerce

 When you integrate a headless approach into your brand, you’re opening a world of possibilities. Content-driven strategies like headless commerce give you several good reasons why you should consider this tactic for your brand.

  1. Supports agile marketing that keeps your customers updated and engaged with your brand.
  2. Adding new technology updates and tools is fast and easy, and you don’t require an in-house IT and development team
  3. Gives you the freedom to operate several stores across many frontend types.

Implement these tools for your headless approach

 Salesforce Commerce Cloud development tools help you spearhead your headless commerce approach. Whether you want to craft a storefront or drive your social media campaigns, you’ll be able to hit those goals while simultaneously creating a richer user experience. And you won’t be compromising on the quality of your backend data and information either!

Your end-user will install the SDK needed to run your application onto their device, whether that’s a PC or mobile phone. The SDK will eliminate the need for a backend because all the data needed to run the application is downloaded onto their device. This is what makes headless commerce the ideal choice for your brand, allowing your customer to access your storefront from virtually anywhere!

  • Running your headless e-commerce with Javascript offers you a wide range of tools, like speedy and secure payment options, for example
  • A js SDK (software development kit) wraps all the Salesforce Commerce Cloud APIs so that developers can create code much more efficiently
  • Headless sample applications allow you to build headless apps for a richer customer experience
  • The create-commerce-app tool gives you the flexibility to generate a sample e-commerce storefront application

 How to utilize SFCC for your brand’s headless e-commerce approach

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can get your headless commerce strategy jumpstarted. Salesforce Commerce Cloud hosts all of your backend data on a secure server, giving your developers the power to create immersive customer experiences using tools, code, and APIs.

  • Integrates AI in a quick and seamless manner to introduce new updates and technologies easily
  • Ease of use with developer tools like APIs, to facilitate the end user’s experience
  • The Commerce Cloud Developer Center is the place to go when you want to find more about headless commerce applications and build them as well
  • Separates the frontend and backend with the help of APIs so that end users can immediately start experiencing and shopping from your brand

Creating an e-commerce platform using a headless approach offers you the flexibility of developing both the backend and frontend simultaneously, side by side. What this offers your brand is the freedom to store information and data on a secure server with Salesforce commerce cloud, and create mindblowing customer-facing applications, websites, and more.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation, your brand can scale new heights in the age of the IoT. Use SFCC to host and securely store your data, while also crafting an engaging and seamless user experience for your customers.

Find out how to create a headless approach to e-commerce using Salesforce Commerce Cloud partners like Aspire Systems.

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