When it comes to e-commerce, 84% of buyers say that they value user experience just as much as the company’s products. Why should user experience matter in e-commerce?

A unified (or a one-brand experience) gives multi-brand e-commerce platform users a streamlined and secure experience. The one-brand experience spans several unique brands and aspects of the buying process.

If you are a Salesforce Commerce Cloud user, here’s how you can boost your one brand experience. A seamless user experience is integral to a multiple-site approach and keeps consumers coming back. Users can get lost or confused on websites that have more than one brand voice or direction. Offering a unified brand experience gives your user a smooth purchasing experience that will ensure repeat purchases.

Customer experience and unified brand experience

Multi-brand websites come with their own challenges. Having several brands, products, and websites means that you need to implement a unified brand experience. Creating a brand experience includes strategies that implement a unified brand style through brand colors, content, e-commerce purchasing options, and customer service.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud partners experience a robust system that creates and simplifies the end user’s one-brand experience. SFCC takes care of customer service nuances and allows developers to manage and control every aspect of the customer’s buying experience.

User experience is key, and when you’re talking about bringing in several unique components together, it makes sense to offer the user a seamless experience with a one-brand experience. Large retailers use unified brand experiences to give customers the familiarity of brands they love even with affiliated brands they may not know. It’s like going to a brick-and-mortar franchise and knowing where the products or menus are the bathroom layouts, and the brand voice.

A unified brand experience gives your customer a consistently smooth flow across several brands that look and feel the same through content and user interfaces. Users aren’t lost or confused while browsing your e-commerce platform, even though they may be accessing several different brands at once.

SSO and its Impact on a One-Brand Experience

You may have already come across Single Sign-Ons (SSO) online when you’ve logged in on a website that encompasses several unique product lines, or brands. With an SSO, a user can sign in with their existing credentials across multiple pages, brands, or products that come under one umbrella.

Did you know that the SSO market is predicted to expand from $845.6 million in 2016 to $1599.8 million by 2021? Proof enough that retailers need to integrate it across multiple websites for a seamless user experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation gives your multi-brand e-commerce the power to allow customers to log in with an SSO. Once the customer is logged in with their unique SSO, they can buy products from one of your brands and reap the benefits via rewards from your other affiliated brands! A seamless flow across your brands gives your customer an optimal user experience.

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Globalization across multiple websites

The organization is the key element to managing multiple products or brands. You can utilize a single server to host multiple websites, without ever compromising on security and quality. Salesforce Commerce Cloud development gives your business an edge by bringing together multiple brand websites onto one server.

With powerful features such as multi-site management, product management, and marketing strategies, SFCC facilitates digital globalization. Use Salesforce e-commerce solutions to craft tailor-made brand experience content for your target audience. Even if your potential customer isn’t from your country, you can offer a rich user experience through targeted content, offers, and products they’ll be interested in.

What’s more, SFCC offers you the ability to manage and create sites, local currency, and languages for each region that your brand operates in. The best part about this multifaceted customization is that SFCC gives you these capabilities from a centralized location. A report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers states that up to 86% of consumers don’t mind paying for a rich user experience.

Do you want to craft a seamless experience for your user across multiple sites with a one-brand experience? Find out how Aspire Systems can help you integrate Salesforce Cloud Commerce into your business today!

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