Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein AI

The 12 step guide to “Sleigh” your e-commerce game this holiday season.

#12DaysofChristmasatAspire Halloween is over, which means it’s time to prepare for Christmas! According to the NRF, holiday sales in November and December will climb between 8.5 % and 10.5 % over 2020, to between $843.4…

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Personalizing the customer experience: Driving differentiation in retail with Salesforce + MuleSoft

The year 2021 saw enormous global upheaval and transition. From ‘personalized experiences’ to ‘hyper-personalized experiences’ – that’s what the future of the retail industry looks like. 80% of customers say the experience a brand provides…

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4 Ways Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud Einstein Improves CX

The innovative Commerce Cloud Einstein (CCE) AI by Salesforce gives companies the power to provide customers with product recommendations based on customer behavior and buying patterns. This improves the way customers shop on your e-commerce…

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