The innovative Commerce Cloud Einstein (CCE) AI by Salesforce gives companies the power to provide customers with product recommendations based on customer behavior and buying patterns. This improves the way customers shop on your e-commerce platform by giving them precise product suggestions and helping them find what they’re looking for.

Adapting to new technology revolutions and continuously evolving your customer experience helps your business stay relevant. A study by Gartner reported that nearly 87% of companies reported an increase in customer satisfaction by adapting to and understanding their customers’ needs. Solutions like CCE offer companies utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud boost in their revenues and sales. By continuously processing and analyzing customer behavior, CCE constantly adjusts with and delivers precise recommendations to customers.

Find out 4 intelligent ways CCE can boost your customers’ experience and offer your business increased revenues

1.Perceptive AI that predicts customer behavior

With predictive intelligence, your business can understand customer behavior better to enhance their buying experience. A pleasant and simple shopping journey encourages customers to favor your brand over the competition. The intelligent Einstein system continually learns, improves, and adapts to customer behavior, offering your business increased revenues. Simply put, predictive intelligence is the process of forecasting your customer’s needs, which acts as both a pleasant surprise and a helpful nudge to the end of the sales funnel.

The basic premise is that you want to build a system that collects data about customers and intelligently predicts what they want. By utilizing CCE, Salesforce Commerce Cloud users see a 26% higher average order value among customers.

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2.Using customer data to predict their needs

Customer profile

One of the essential aspects of Einstein AI’s program is the customer profile. A customer’s profile offers key metric points by analyzing customer behavior. Salesforce e-commerce solutions make it easy for your brand to collate and analyze customer behavior data. By developing customer profiles for your business, you can glean valuable insights to offer your customer recommendations of products they are inclined to buy. SFCC maintains the customer profiles, and Einstein AI analyzes them to produce outputs that enhance searches and recommendations.

Purchase history that’s always useful

This is tracked by analyzing a customer’s buying habits on your storefront. Data like their purchase history, what products they add to and remove from their cart, and overall shopping preferences make up customer behavior.

It makes sense to track, collect, store and retrieve this data in a meaningful way to benefit both your business in terms of revenue and your customer in terms of precision buying. The clickstream software sends data anonymously to B2C through data points like shopping cart, parameters, and purchase history. Einstein AI sends behavior data to the merchant so that they can improve the customer’s shopping experience.

3. Suggest products based on customer behavior

Once customer profile data parameters about purchase history and behavior are identified, Einstein AI can make smart recommendations to the customer. Recommendations that the Einstein AI shows customers on the storefront include features such as ‘frequently bought products’, ‘products that other customers have bought’, ‘sponsored products and more.

4. The Einstein search dictionary

A unique feature embedded within the Einstein system is the search dictionary with synonym search capabilities. Did your customer forget a product’s name? All they need to do is enter broad terms into the search box, and smart search uses a dictionary look-up algorithm to suggest relevant products.

With CCE, your business can scale new heights by helping customers find what they need, every time.

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