Set up (A More Powerful) E-Store with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud Einstein

Isaac Asimov and Philip K Dick painted a future of Androids dreaming of electric sheep and robots doing just about everything. While we might not be there just yet, artificial intelligence (AI)—sci-fi’s mainstay—has very much…

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Creating a One-Brand Experience Using SFCC

When it comes to e-commerce, 84% of buyers say that they value user experience just as much as the company’s products. Why should user experience matter in e-commerce? A unified (or a one-brand experience) gives…

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How SFCC Can Help Reduce Cart Abandonment and Convert Online Shoppers

Cart abandonment is a reality: 3 of every 4 shoppers tend to leave items behind in their online cart. Potential customers walk away from your store for numerous reasons, including an unoptimized checkout strategy, which…

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